About portal´s fuel

The portals should have the fuel for free!

It would be an extra benefit and it’s not that difficult, after all it’s only 1 day a week …


That would be unfair. Some people work on Sundays or have things to do, while others would be able to sit on the portal all day without running out of fuel and getting millions of coins. If it were a weeklong event it would be more fair but wouldnt make sense for TS as that is a huge loss of profit. Currently its made in a way where players with lots of freetime and players thst have things to do but enough time to do some runs and there wouldnt be that big a gap between them.


But it is a problem of the player. You ca not look for a day that will serve everyone.

I work from Monday to Friday and on weekends I sometimes travel.

But it´s my problem. They cannot put a day that good to 1000 players. some week will serve you and others will not.

Im glad we understand each other.

You just said why it would be a bad idea to do it for a portal that lasts one day, or even one week.

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100% correct, would be a bad idea :exclamation:

She often is a little confused about her thinking-ways :grey_exclamation:
She support posts, also if they are totally wrong.
Just for her advantage.
Not my thing.


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I just said it’s a very good idea, even if you or me cannot play on a specific date.

I’m going on vacation in January, what do we do? We tell the devs to stop the game because I cannot play?

They put a portal on a Sunday and you can not play, what do we say then? Remove the portal because others have an advantage over you? Come on!!!

I said nothing about removing any features. I just said no about making a fair segment of the game free. Every mission takes fuel. There is no reason a portal out of which you get way more money than from a standard mission, should be usable free of charge. Is it not enough that its easier but gives more coins than whatever else you use for farming coins? It makes complete sense as it is and would just hinder the balance if it became totally free.

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I tried 2v2 match i dont get opponent as we used to in previous system.
Real problem is item drop. Drop atleast rare epic box after every match to lure more to pvp. Grinding for 3 times a day its really a boring job not fun at all and i personally dont do grinding nor my clan member. We play PvP loss or win n sign out. I uninstalled app. login once in two day or once week on puffin browser.

This game is totally tilted toward campaign thats how low lvl player find difficulty to upgrade items n quit eventually.