About me, Mr Black! And the game itself!


Here is where I’m going to keep you updated on thoughts and what’s going on with my game play!
For now, I will reduce my game play of this game down to 3 days a week…
So far, I think poorly of this game!
It’s not the worst, but it’s miles away from how I’d rate Warframe!
I’m rating Warframe a hefty 97/100!
Where as SM hits a measly 21/100
Well, SM has tiny variety of colours, items and modes!
I proposed this

To allow more variety, uniqueness and customisation in the game itself!
Also, the community is falling drastically and needs much help!
This game is becoming more reliant on how much money you can afford to spend on tokens!
As said by someone in the above link!
Again with colours, the colour you paint your mech shouldn’t be to show off your week’s wages, it should be to personalise your mech to your likes!
For example, I’d like to use the colour shown in the link above!
Also, TS needs to lower prices of tokens and premium boxes/packs themselves or they could increase the drop rate of all boxes and remove the common option on the fortune box!
cough Buff purifier cough
Again, we need custom colour palette thing as shown in @KilliN’s workshop thing!

What do I say?


i agree with all of these
ts is just greedy and wont do this


Davvid, you got XBOX ONE??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


im too poor to afford an XBAX