About me!: ask any questions you want, i will answer them


It’s the Bunker Shell




you can trade in this game???


nope, sadly


um no i am not a girl


For me in CR it shows like hog rider cycle


I finally have a mythical torso for my mech, it is so big it does not fit on the screen:

And my stats:


Are you alive or dead


Im dead dude

Didnt get a box from the portal four times in a row


I can give a Maxed Windigo for that seraph blade XD


not a big deal…
sometimes, as i have mentioned before, you dont get boxes at all a couple to times… just bad rng and luck.
later you might get something good(my experience anyway)


Yeah- although I know this potal is a bad one since I didn’t get a single legendary after all the runs I did.


hi i’m purpleguy aka shadow force


can some one plz help meh i’m a newb


Mini version mech! Capture


dang these thread hijackers


hi guys im back, the begining of school was kinda rough so i could not respond to anything but now i can.
Q: How was your summer?
Q: Where did you go?
Q: What grade are you in now or college level?


Also I started playing clash of clans and my singing monsters
Q: what clan are you in for CC?
My clan is gangster bd boy and im one of the co-leaders.