About me!: ask any questions you want, i will answer them


Ask any questions. I will answer them. I will understand what you are saying if it is french or spanish. je parle et écris en français y yo hablo y escribo en español.
I am trilingual. you can ask me private things and i will always answer you right away unless I am at school from 8:00 am to 12:00 am then from 1:30pm to 2:00pm. :grinning:


also i had super mechs before the reload but i forgot my account name so i had to restart. But i only made a tacticsoft account like 3 months ago.


This is what my mech looks like right now and if you are trying to find me my name is REKT all caps and my player ID is: 32962312


Well first off…

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :blush:


How do you get rid of 1000 wild hogs…cheaply ?


and…would you eat mouse for 1 million dollars ?


Apploy them in Clash Royale


If I gave you a Maxed Mythical Terror Cry will you trade that Nightfall for it?



and do you like short shorts


How old are you? I’m 15


and…would you eat mouse for 1 million dollars ?

Is that live or dead?


Small dead field mouse…you only have to eat half of it :slight_smile:

and you can puke it up after you eat it.


Oh boy! That’s mighty generous of you :nauseated_face:


Yeah I know terror cry is crap


Nice… I’m 16…
Just waiting for that damn portal


Hmm… How about a Maxed Mythical Avenger?


Nope, crap too…(I like rounded builds, and pretty hard to make one using avenger)
I already have Mac brutality, zark and windigo, sobi don’t need anything( a plat plat would be nice for a nightfall :stuck_out_tongue:


Boi I would trade all my maxed myth for a Sparta, Plat plate and Claw


So i put you down for a yes ?


Only if you eat the other half! :rat:

Here, you can have this part… :mouse: