About fusion and transformation cost


Lets make a poll:

  • Keep the fusion and transformation costs
  • Remove both temporaly until the inventory limit has end

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PS: It would be good to make this topic more popular if you tag other 2 people to invite them to vote and comment here, making this poll attractive for admins to look into it…

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I like how you tagged system.


Still we should get compensation for the money spent until now for fusion and transformation.
The money that otherwise would have been used to buy boxes.


Pasha… why you have voted to keep costs?


My bad :))… didnt read … just voted…like i do in politics


lol… Invite with beer !! :cerveza:


Not this time my little black panther, i’m with my bike, so it’s no cerveza for me tonight… i wanna ride the wheels of My Misstress tonigh


Then bring me up to give a little spin on Harley …


that went lil bit on offtopic… :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways, i think its important that tactisoft notice that its impoortante to make an easy start in new version…


BOTH. Just lower the price of boosting and transformation in general - this will help not just existing players, but also those that are just starting out and future players as well.


that would be a good solution for long time, but time is running out and we havent fused and boosted all our items to be under the inventory limit…

@TinCan Al, you should vote to find a temp. solution for this…

Have a nice mice day! :smiley:


It’s Monday here, which is the start of a new week, I’m expecting the devs to do something about the fusion cost like Flux said


they havent yet, but may they do soon if more people do spam voting here… :smiley:


Sarah said it would be some time this week so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


i hope so :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems the admins really take some care for players’ ideas, like showing Player IDS in profile, this was my idea but i dont think they will do that.


hi @KilliN killin nice to see you ! :smiley:

anyways… 33 people vote to remove…

that is a 100%…

anyways its not much but @Sarah247 @Taloki @Mohadib all people who is at forum voted for that…

its a reason to think about it… :stuck_out_tongue:


REMOVE both fusion and transformation cost and add another 60 or more days to grace period.
Plus give us 300 inventory slots for good measure…
or at least lower the cost of new slots


@GameSmasher I am with you… I hope they remove it soon, I cant handle my account with that costs… :frowning:


Thank you for making this, these really prove that people don’t like what they are trying to do.