About EMP, Heat Bomb, Hammers/Axes, Shockwave


it deals 393 heat to enemy and you, with arena bonus it deals 472 heat to enemy and still 393 to user (almost 400)


But remember that heat mechs are made so they can take it and keep going, not me :frowning:


i have fought heat mechs with bigger heat cap than me and still managed to get shit down with their hb


Dear TS,
Please consider a slightly dmg buff of axes + weight reduce of emp and shockwave! :wink:
It would be really nice


Nah fam, they’re too strong already… But maybe yes for TerrorBlade.

Yes please.

Y e s P l e a s e ! ! !


Weight reduce of shockwave I am fine with, but emp weight reduction needs to be done carefully- it is the most draining weapon in the game, afterall.


About that i agree, is a bit too op even with that weight, reduce too much the weight and some guys gonna be using too… If thats even possible…