About EMP, Heat Bomb, Hammers/Axes, Shockwave


I have just came up with an idea with these items.
The idea is about slightly buff but in overall it would help in many ways.
So here we go.

Let’s start about EMP.

When released:
EMP (27) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 393 EnDmg 1 Uses (393/0 Cost)

After nerfed:
EMP (70) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 334 EnDmg 1 Uses (393/0 Cost)
Now its more energy cost than dmg. Really? I know 27 weight and high drain was OP but come on!
It hits hard when an opponent is drained but only then.

EMP (55 or 60) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 334 EnDmg 1 Uses (334/0 Cost)
Energy dmg should equal energy cost. 70 weight is too much and many players already confirmed it.

Heat bomb
When released:
HEAT BOMB (27? I don’t remember exactly. Please forgive me) 2-4 Range 40-59 ExDmg 393 HeatDmg 1 Use (0/393 Cost)

After nerfed:
HEAT BOMB (50) 2-4 Range 40-59 ExDmg 393 HeatDmg 1 Use (0/393 Cost)

HEAT BOMB (50) 2-4 Range 160-179 ExDmg 393 HeatDmg 1 Use (0/393 Cost)
Heatbomb as the counterpart of EMP DEFENITELY needs more ExDmg!

SHOCKWAVE (L) (57) 103-135 ElDmg 48 EnDmg 1 Knockback (31/0 Cost)

Knockback!!! God bless you TS for this drone but…
It’s a legendary drone so should have some more advantages compared to the epic ones.
It’s 12 weight heavier than (45 weight heat drones)!!!

Let’s check stats other energy drones:

WINDFORGE(L) (27) 55-90 ElDmg 76 EnDmg -5 ElRes (31/0 Cost)
TORMENT (29) 97-141 ElDmg 48 EnDmg -12 MaxEn (31/0 Cost)
SNACK (30) 103-135 ElDmg 48 EnDmg -5 ElRes (31/0 Cost)
ANGUISH(L) (30) 86-153 ElDmg 48 EnDmg -7 EnRegen (31/0 Cost)
FACE SHOCKER (41) 163-213 ElDmg 76 EnDmg -6 ElRes 3 Uses (50/0 Cost)
SHOCKWAVE (L) (57) 103-135 ElDmg 48 EnDmg 1 Knockback (31/0 Cost)

Shockwave has the same dmg/cost as Snack.
Snack has -5 ElRes
Shockwave has 1 Knockback
27 weight more for knockback…

FS (41 weight) + Shockwave (57 weight) = 98 weight / 2 = 49 weight
FS (163-213 ElDmg) + Shockwave (103-135 ElDmg) = 266-348 ElDmg / 2 = 133-174 ElDmg
FS (76 EnDmg) + Shockwave (48 EnDmg ) = 124 EnDmg / 2 = 62 EnDmg
Cost (40/10)

New shockwave stats:
SHOCKWAVE (L) (49) 133-174 ElDmg 62 EnDmg 1 Knockback (Cost 40/10)

Hammers are epics
Backbreakers is fine as it is.

FLAMING HAMMER (60) 1 Range 211-354 ExDmg 86 HeatDmg -17 Cooling 3 Push(13/50 Cost)
I think its fine but let’s check TERRORBLADE stats.
TERRORBLADE(L) (55) 1 Range 244-319 ExDmg 86 HeatDmg -32 MaxHeat 1 Push(13/50 Cost)

Terrorblade is legendary so dmg buff is needed.

TERRORBLADE(L) (55) 1 Range 274-349 ExDmg 106 HeatDmg -32 MaxHeat 1 Push(13/50 Cost)

Energy hammer/axe.
VIKING HAMMER (63) 1 Range 211-354 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -17 Regen 3 Push (50/13 Cost)
STORMWEAVER(L)(56) 1 Range 244-319 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -32 MaxEn 1 Push (50/13 Cost)


Weight gap between FLAMING HAMMER (60) and TERRORBLADE (55) is 5 wieght.
Weight gap between VIKING HAMMER (63) and STORMWEAVER (56) is 7 wieght.
Doesn’t VIKING HAMMER should weight 61? 5 more than Storm? Not 7.

VIKING HAMMER (61) 1 Range 211-354 ElDmg 114 EnDmg -17 Regen 3 Push (50/13 Cost)

STORMWEAVER(L)(56) 1 Range 274-349 ElDmg 124 EnDmg -32 MaxEn 1 Push (50/13 Cost)
Storm as legy also should have a little dmg buff.

I know there are many items that need buff/nerf but I have just pointed the newest.
Feel free to post your suggestions and opinions about new items and their stats.


heat bomb was 37 at relase
backbreaker is axe now
agreed that axes need buff


emp idea seems okay; thats what i thought at first when they nerfed it

the other ideas… not so much


Not when you have arena shop bonus around.
With maxed stats,you can get the EMP to fire 401 energy damage and that’s a little more than the cost.

No,not really,but I think they should lower the cost.
Maybe something around 300 instead of 393?

Fair enough!

That means 468 damage max when drained.Add the arena shop bonus for an easy 550 damage.
Let it be heavy.


You do know that this thing at mythical make almost 500 of damage right? you wanna put more damage beside the lready big heat damage?


Ofc i do. 393 heat dmg is fine. But ExDmg is low. Have a look at EMP when opponent is fully drained.
It hits 334dmg + arena buffs. Thats why I suggested to add some extra exdmg to heatbomb.

70 emp weight to 50 heatbomb isn’t balanced, it is?


HB deals “more damage” when the opponent is forced to shut down, and could be seen as free damages when you attack an overheated or shutdowned opponent…


Ah sure, this thing makes 490 and something and you wanna lower more its cost?


Yep, but each one make a respective damage, you can’t compare a damage that can be restored like energy to heat, because heat you go shutdown, energy you can restore…


This purpose of FB and EMP is to (at elast at first) to deal as much elemental damage as the respective cost…


i only disagree with the change of weight to the viking hammer
you have to remember that now heat items weight a bit less than energy items
like CL to malive beam, etc
besides that i like all of your suggestions


Yeah, but then don’t lower its cost, it already make a huge heat damage at my cap, most of the fights incapacitating me… About EMP i don’t really care, don’t use it…


IT has the same weight as last words, is a weight not so much hard to handle to most of energy users, like me.


Im just trying to compare number gaps between axe and hammer in both energy and heat.
Yes, im an energy user too. I used EMP but now it’s getting dusted every day.


I really understand, i just explaining, to me i think viking its okay for a hammer, already saw weapons that weight more than him…


And true, the axes are being used by few peoples…


well the axes are barely used since they’re premium
i’d use terror blade if i had it but i dont
wish TS would gift me one or maybe another item
they should get a buff tho


i have got 2x terror and 2x storm. I had been waiting for the new energy hammer but now not sure whether max viki hammer or storm


i’d say max storm
it’s lighter and only does 1 push allowing a combo with ash, bulldog, emp, or brightroar


Agree but i want to try viki hammer + shockwave + light scope combo :wink: that’s why im considering maxing viki hammer