About all this drama in Super Mechs


Depressing. It’s very depressing. I cannot blame anyone here in the community, players, moderators/administrators, developers, or the accused ones. There like 10+ topics regarding the “hacking problem”, we still don’t have things getting done to justify all these problems. I’ll be frank here, I have no idea what are our developers, responsible for these kind of situations doing. Either they’re too busy for the upcoming update, or figuring things what to do? I, rather, we don’t know.

Though, however, things going on MUST be getting an investigation. Look around you, selling accounts (against ToS and), illegal way of payment which the person behind the culprit, can get in trouble. And where are the responsible people to help stop this? As I’ve said, we don’t know. Please, our valued developers of this game, do something to put an end to all this drama. (Though this particular drama is showing important things that must receive attention to get things right) Stop giving us all these game’s make-ups, trying to fix it with putting make-up on the game’s face won’t fix all the ugliness it hides. Don’t put make up, please wash it. Wash it thoroughly and clean it.

As for the moderators, yes, we appreciate all your help. We understand that you all are doing the duties you are held responsible for. However, for this case, we have seen countless topics regarding a “Hacking Problem”. Many proofs provided, many topics closed, etc. Nothing has been done. And some players who have devoted time and REAL MONEY, gets cheated because there are hackers getting more items FOR FREE. They are making reports, lots of them, but no responses. How would you feel in their perspective? Of course, impatient. That’s what exactly is happening in this community. We know you try to keep it clean. But being clean is nothing when we have unhappy people.

Now… as a player like myself, is frustrated by this BS. A simple solution for what’s going on at this very moment, ban the people behind them. Look! There are a lot of proven evidences, the game’s getting more bugs, and look at the tournament. It’s not over until now. Well… we probably need to provide more proofs? I am not sure. But what I’m sure about is we all are frustrated and we need things to get justified.

Pointing at the SM Team Remember, you guys are the only ones who can put an end, a happy ending to this stupid drama. Not us players, not the forum moderators, nobody else but YOU. We believe you all are listening, we know you can and should do the right thing. Ban them, fix the stupid bugs generated from this BS. Don’t let some witty skunk-gargling cock holsters rule the game.

And finally, a response can be helpful. We need a voice on what you guys are going to do about this problem.

~ Bluz :sparkling_heart:


Yeah Too Much of Dramatism around here


You get my full support, Bluz!
What should a honest player spending honestly earned money think about SuperMechs now? No matter what I do and how much moniez I spend, Shiro will kick my ass. So what is the point of playing in the first place? I am soooo FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY!


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