About 50% gold yield


Hi Pilots… I just noticed the promo - 50% gold yield in Campaign… So I wanted to make easy money… Prepared my Campaign mech and hit the map… Insane BB yields circa 15k normally. After a clean run I earn as much as… 19 100 gold… Where is the 50% promo? @Mohadib, @Sarah247, something does not add up here…


That’s because BB Insane shows an incorrect amount of earned gold. The +50% is working.


I am making video,you will like it!:slight_smile:


This one,which level you would like to play it?
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane

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None of the maths or numbers is right on any of them so blame them


LOL it will never be fixed get used to it. Stick with BB Normal pays the best for the fuel used.
Normal Pays 10,350 GOLD
with 50% bonus pays 16,000


I thought Overlords Mission 6 was the best?



Just like @Winz_Kay said Overlord’s Den mission 6 has a better ratio of gold / fuel.
With the current 50% gold bonus you get
13,024 gold / 7 fuel
on insane mode there.


plus today I came to overlords den and my user is Ronaldo and messi