[ Abomination | Magma Blast | Desolation ]


Can i get rank 1 using this mech?
How can i make it better?
heat mech

Final Stats of this build:

1965 Hit Points
490 Heat Cap
259 Cooling
371 Energy Cap
148 Energy Regen

Special Items


Other torsos i have




Is Abomination premium?




are these legs devouring paws or the epic-legendary ones?
try fitting supreme canon or second desolation


Devouring pawns. It’s actually the best explosive leg.


I would say…
Either make room for a second Magma Blast or get rid of that and get a Supreme Cannon.
If you can fit both Magma and Supreme then all the better,though you’d need to give up on modules and I don’t think you wanna give up on energy to fit another energy-dependent weapon.
Give up on an epic plate.It would have 1820 hp left but trust me,the offensive and strategy for this kind of build would be on a whole another level.


So after being totally drained i would have only 1 use of Magma blast and the drone for dealing with electric mechs… I think Desolation is better because the meta are the dual valiants now, so desolation is much more helpfull.


I didn’t say replace the Desolation.
On the opposite,keep the Desolation for it’s super helpful and almost every success heater has at least one of those.

So,like this you’s have this setup:
-2 Magma Blasts
(like this you won’t need as much energy,it would be a semi energy-free build and you could replace some modules/make some room for other things)

And like this it would turn out to be:
-Supreme Cannon
(But you’ll need energy for this kind of build)

And the other variant:
-Supreme Cannon
-Magma Blast
But you’ll need more room for everything and you’ll also need some energy.


What did you use in order to cut the mech and make it in a .png format?
Or did you have to cut it by hand? (tho I don’t think you’d spend so much time cutting it manually,who would?)


Takes me like 2 minutes to cut a mech from an image using Gimp


You just trollin… you know that is a good build.
It is inconplete, you still got some spare weight around? Maybe a nice terrorblade?


I know it’s good, but since i don’t have L-M modules i’m not sure if i can get rank 1 using it.

It’s 996Kg.


Well you know hook is useless, unless you have rediky or grimsome, or terrorblade, the hook stomp combo is weak( 90ish heat dmg). So i would get rid of it.
Charge is good for that charge magma combo.
I would let go of one heat module alltghethet and put a terror blade on it( 25+17+4=46), and maybe go for another cooling.


That’s what i’m looking for, thanks.


Zarkares works very well with 2 cooling mass booster to the max. 50

There you can earn 35 more points.

Do you carry hook and charge? remove 1 of two (the hook doesn´t need it at all with this model). That, and the 35 points of modules and enough for another HP plate

My heat modules with Zarkares:




wow @KilliN you must have put a lot of effort into this

your mech is awesome


I’ve done some changes, i think i can’t just get rid of the energy modules 'cause Abomination needs energy so i have two options here, this is my first idea:

(Teleport & Clash)

And this if i don’t really need much energy and the teleport:

(Only Clash)

@Wepwawet @El_Metre


Looking good.
Time to get on the leg press and work those legs, they look kind of skinny.


Don’t skip leg day!