Abomination info?

Ive seen it on other mechs before only on legendary and mythical, and it seems to be just the weapon I need. So i;m wondering, does it have only legendary and mythical rarity or does it start at epic?


Thanks. Also dream crushing because I never get lucky with boxes and legendaries
Always get stuff I already have


you mean this one?

you are not the only one…:disappointed:

Ricemech, yes that one. Right now I have a mythical windigo, mythical desolation, legendary supreme cannon, mythical corrupt light and backbreaker. However, at 2 range I have nothing so it would be great to get rid of the supreme cannon, and replace it with that

better get rid of backbreaker

Backbreaker on his mech is actually helpful for the pushback. So I’d suggest keeping it

I wouldnt, devouring paws should be enough for pushing

I am looking to get rid of backbreaker, as it doesnt do me much good, but for now I have been really unlucky and cant get the devouring paws.

If you can’t get paws, just get the other heat legs (forgot the name), it’s 1kg more than paws, and dmg is a little lower, but it’s still a solid second if you have trouble getting paws. (the legs go from common to myth so it’s easy to find).

Edit#2 They’re called Scorching Feet (more hp than paws btw, by a bit).

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i need ur terror blade & sorrow to complete my heat mech teeheehee
also need another annihilation x my physical