AANC resignations


apparently a couple of the so-called “mentors” up and quit the AANC as mentors. are you really gonna let a single era affect you like that? what are you teaching newbs? if you don’t like something you should quit?

“im sorry, lad, but we arent able to teach you how to git gud at bd because the mentor we assigned to you wants to go to his safe space where his feels will be safe”

just like how we’re raising a generation of losers and wimps with the safe space and entitlement irl, we’re gonna be teaching newbs how to give up. as a noob in the AANC, its demoralizing seeing this behavior from people i look up to and am trying to learn from.


If somebody doesn’t want to be a part of something that they perceive to be unfair, that’s their choice. It’s far easier to look upon recent events and be confused by people getting annoyed when you’re one of the ones who benefited from it


meh, i’m joining to teach in AANC…



As someone who did resign, the reason we did it was because PSI had a safespace. Check your privilege kaen


@Carter @Alfie Trolls will be trolls boys, don’t try to feed Kaen and his ego.


just because you dont like something, its automatically trolling. nice


90% of the community percieve you as a troll because you only reply to stir shit up. Prove me otherwise and I’ll retract my statement. Until then enjoy playing E4 and boosting your little heart out to get 3rd


@Kaen Judging by the fact that this is a game, I think its pretty fair for someone to stop playing when they stop enjoying it. I’d also equate what they’re doing more to them not wanting to be associated with a system that let them down than them needing a ‘safe space’. The final thing I want to say is that every has a safe space, and letting someone have an area where they aren’t being harassed doesn’t make them any less of a person. You have a very ignorant mindset, and you might want to think a bit more before you start name calling.


The AANC let them down? i thought it was their ego and desire to backstab that let them down. the AANC has nothing to do with E4 besides being set up by the leader of the AANC. That’s the same as not liking something Bill Gates does thats completely unrelated to Microsoft, but you deciding to throw away your computer becuase it has Windows installed on it.


so, posting suggestions about squad management and how the broken factions system can be improved for next time is trolling? i think you and i have different definitions for that word.


AANC has always sucked idk. So many mentors who’ve never won an era or successfully fought multiple alliances in an era, beating them with sheer activity and skill.


I tried to become a mentor once and Ilona literally disbanded it the next day. I’d be okay with becoming a mentor still but I don’t know the correct way to approach joining. Hopefully my experience with the game can give people some help.


Interview Oreo



These two are the head of the AANC. I’m just a helper in organizing :slight_smile:
I’m sure one will reach out to you soon @Oreo to do the interview process :slight_smile:


do we really have to inject the SJW debate into every situation?

[my enemy] is triggered safe space cuck regressive feminism identity politics PC culture ideologues

there’s my contribution. we’ll start virtue signaling about how much we want “a dialogue” next; if god has any grace left I’ll die in a freak accident before it happens.


we need to talk, Baz …


message me anytime babe


i can’t believe the noobs who quit AANC are citing “Alexander’s support for battlehugs” the reason for quitting… xD

they want to backstab on NAPs to teach newbies battledawn???


selfish idiots… just say you wanted to win the era by shitplay as the reason for quitting… not for the noble cause of “teaching newbies”…

congrats to alexander and malicewolf for getting this together… you were the breath of fresh air that battledawn needed… let these scum who criticize you just die…



xyz u got extra chromosomes so ik you don’t know whats up. I still appreciate @Malicewolf for putting the event on.

I’m still going to help teach new players, just not with the AANC.


oh, i know what’s up… but don’t use what i stated to prove your point… :stuck_out_tongue: say anything else to validate your position but not what i said… :stuck_out_tongue:

and don’t try to armtwist malice and alex as you noobhead are doing…