A way to get more tokens

I want more tokens but can’t spend money and doing campaign takes to long.

Buy some money, spend the money, get tokens. Simple as that.


you have to stop these cancerous replies

Thanks to the new feature, there is a great way to get tokens: Raids. For every clear you get tokens, and if you can climb the raid leaderboard than your prizes will be high, especially in tokens. As of now im on the way to earning 150 tokens from raids

Hello @PlagueKnight :smiley: there is an easy way to get tokens I leave a link for you to see http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/economists-manual/9911?u=antonio_ortega If you apply the economist’s manual well you can get 70 daily tokens

Also if you download the mobile app for supermechs, in the shop section called tokens their is a watch ad for tokens option. You can watch them 4 times a day for a max of 8 per day. IF you are patient enough to wait for the monthly sale of premium packs and you do this every day, you can have 240 tokens by sale time if you start right after the past sale,and since sale prices for premium packs are 52, you can buy 4 boxes, and possibly 5 if you a little tokens through raids/ campaign/portals
Hope this helps

you do not have to spend so much time with the economist’s manual every 5 days you get 525 tokens !! and if you save 70 tokens every 30 you would get 2100 enough tokens to open boxes and get legendary

Is this some app that you are making, or is this some scam that your trying to drag me into? Either way, i dont trust it, and @PlagueKnight should not trust it either

@Well can you explain that it is not some scam or something like that

if you do not see the link the application where you download by cell phone gives you free tokens I suggest you see the subject of the economist first before saying something that is wrong :wink:

Never outright accused you, just said that I neccesarily do not trust the idea, and I personally recommend to stay away from it. IF it is in fact honest, I apologize, but I will keep playing it safe

Really a good part of the players occupy this method to obtain free tokens and besides that it is safe all occupies besides that it is used to obtain legendary articles

It’s totally safe but we all have different ways of thinking so I respect your opinion

Oh wow I am so sorry! I thought those links were for some seperate app that you perhaps had to fill in information for, I did not think that it was a guideline for farming tokens! My mistake, and apologies


La app del juego es 100% legal XD!

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