A way to eliminate workshop items (idea)

Well … hello everyone as you all have to have inventory saturation problems maybe they filled it with new or old items but a good way to eliminate it

  1. A market of articles and sales

in this store will be a fabulous range of chests of each type Torsos, Legs, Drones, Side Arms, Top Weapons and special objects is also this store you can buy a secret chest is like a roulette never sabras that you can play in this box you can obtain Rare, Epic and Legendary cards and the other section of the store you can sell your articles the cost of each one would be …

1.Rare letter 5,000
2.Epic letter 50,000
3.Legendary 100,000 or 80,000 card
4.Mythical letter 250,000

The “barter” you can only give 1 legendary for 2 weeks the epics you can give 3 per day can not be given mythic[poll type=regular public=true]

  • I like your idea
  • I do not like
  • It needs more details
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weird thing as u describe
but i guess i understand

would be unlocked at lvl 30

instead of getting gold why not adding a 3rd currency?
“market tickets” that could be used to buy fortune boxes for simplicity & u get em giving some items to market
1 ticket x every common
3 for every rare
7 for every epic and
13 for every legendary

fortune box would cost 55 tickets but would give u 3 cards of the quality ur luck give (3 commons, 3 rares, 3 epics or 3 legendaries)

@Sarah247 What do u think? on my opinion game needs something like this, that way we dont feel annoyed by getting the same items on their lowest quality


The secret box would describe it as your worst enemy would not have mercy against someone would be the only box that would give you 3 legendary but to get a box would be much more difficult and expensive

put it on spanish i dont see a point of that repply

Claro amigo pero esperate un segundito que tengo que antender 50 mensajes xD