A Very Important Change

Make everything that turns mythical should start from epic so every body enjoys epics too

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thats never going to happen


And make epics rare as hell then


Why anything in the world is possible.

possible, but im 99.99% sure that it will NOT happen

This is simply not possible. A company like TS needs to have a return in income when they make a game to at least break even. To make money off of that game, they have to do more than break even.

L-Ms (Items that start at legendary and go to myth) are the indirect source of income. People buy tokens to hope to get L-Ms. That’s how SM gets its money.

If all items started at Epic, TS would lose its source of income, SM wouldn’t generate profit, and thus would be shut down. Those are basic economic principles.

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Is the game for income or for fun

Frankly, income. The main reason TS made this game was to generate more income and better support their company.

Sure, people find it fun. I’m one of them, but you must understand that without this system the game can’t exist, and this source of fun would not be around.


Anything in the world is possible?you can jump off a cliff and survive?


If anything is possible then bow to me as I am GOD

Come on dont say this

So i assume not everything is possible?

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