A very big bug / cheat


I just created a new acc but it show my acc mech, and I login my main account and it become level 3 and name changed too( ID and mech stay original )
Please fix it, I am level 119. In game name Ricemech88




That’s the bug some ppl use for free token s , now ur campaign reset


It’s a good thing or bad thing?


It depends, I guess u r cheating if u purposefully did it, you did loose all ur coins, but u can get a lot more tokens


So now we know how rhey reset their levels huh? @Sarah


There was a 5 video tutorial here in the forum some time back, lol

It don’t work for old.players, only new accounts that haven’t been linked with an SM account and. Exists on your phone (at least by that method) . But I believe there is another glitch that resets level for existing users too


It’s a bad thing, you can end up banned if they think you did it on purpose.


But that is a good thing. :slight_smile:


free 610 tokens…

49 AM


Where’d you get all those legendaries from?


Ok just photoshop…


I’d fkin kill myself if that photo was real damn


Yes, that is how they do it. They enter the game as a new player and when they create the new acc they lower the level of main account. It’s a bug, but you have to follow a procedure to activate it.

When Kevin 25 was at Lyll, long before his account was “stolen”, he started experimenting with this by changing his nickname free and often. He said that he did not know how it was happening, it was reality he was experiencing how the bug was activated.


Cool …

I want also 100 million Gold … so since tacticsoft do nothing against / is not against … WE ALL can do it :exclamation:

Great :grey_exclamation:



I would have done the if it could be done in old account, unfortunately it can’t, I’m too lazy to. make another one lol


so It’s a bug or a cheat?


It is …

  • multi accounting, which is against the TCPP from tacticsoft

  • it is a bug

  • if you use this bug for your advantage, it is bug abuse = cheat

… sure @Sarah247 / @Mohadib / @jonny can say more to all this cases (now really a lot players do / experience this) :exclamation:

Since we all want have FREE tokens / Gold / items :grey_exclamation:


P.S.: but very cool from you, that you report it, my respect :exclamation:



It would be nice for TS to make this bug, a feature of the game.
Like when you reach lvl 150, you could resset the campaign, and thus start over.
It would allow players, to continue the farming of campaign, and see some benefits of actualy reaching lvl 150.
And to make things even, the token rewards, would be decreased after the reset, so instead of 5,10,15 tokens( i think) per each dificulty, they could put, 3,6,9.
And at each boss, you would recive a premium box, the 75token one.
Ocourse without lowering your lvl, as to not benefit the continuous refill of energy that comes at lvl-ing up, and thus provide endless energy suply.


i already reported this many times by pm ing them but they never reply and say we will look into this