A useless information


I’m still alive lol.


Lol another guy around to dance. . Yay


I guess, I was inactive for too long. :confused:


K. (20 characters limit)


who are you?


Hey Immortal, it’s been a long time since I last saw you.

Spam that Heat-Damage Seraph on me lmao


Umm I think last time I saw you is 6 months and 24 days ago I guess…


Nah, you ain’t seeing this boy even since then.


Are you sure It probably dark reborn’s plan :v(don’t ask any things)


Who’s dark?


You don’t know this person.
They existed long before you did,


Or am I :))))
It’s dark reborn’s plan to hide people :v


Just to make things clear why I wasn’t online for a whole eternity. A year ago I lost my phone and didn’t get a new one until july. So I somehow managed to forgot this forum until I looked at my browsing history. The motivation of grinding in the game due to all these drop-nerfs in the past is also gone. Still not sure if i will return to SM. Btw if you wondered why I didn’t used the forum on the PC, idk either lol.


oh hey, i remember you. welcome back, mate