A use for Interceptor

So, I was busy testing new builds when I made this:

Interceptor Build Modules

Maxed stats:
Heat: 532/227
Energy: 193/56
HP: ~2233, 2913 with full premium plates

This is the mech that got me to rank 3.

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Lucky to have a mythical plate. But I think interceptor is a bad torso, use bruilty, windigo or zarkares.

It’s not my main, lol. I posted this to show that Interceptor isn’t absolute trash. I’m using it because I don’t want to max yet another 2 myths, at least as of now, nor use Avenger as my heat isn’t high enough to maintain it yet.

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avenger best phys torso lmao


that is photoshop…

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It is a decent build.
But you can have the same build with a Brutality torso, with more hp, and better cooling/heat, without the push wepon( wich is kind of useless since the build is range 1-2-3).
Also it can be made only with Avenger, and the end result is a 2445hp mech, with 323 heat/193cooling.
But i like it that you actualy took the time to gwt creative ans used the underdog of torsos.

Actually Interceptor and even more Nightmare are between the best torsos, but only if you can carry 3+ premium plates: in that case they end up surpassing standard torsos (Brutality, Windigo, Zarkares, Avenger and probably Naga too, even if it doesn’t seems that popular) due to their low weight. Overwise, better stick with a more traditional one.

Put 3 premium plates on any torso and you end up with the best torso.
The case of these if the low weight they posses.
3 premium plates on interceptor or nightmare vs a 2 premium plates on brutality/wedingo/naga/zakares it is evenly matched. But in a case of same modules, the traditional ones win.
The weight difference between them, i think can be used for a aditional module/wepon (to cover a blank spot in your range).
Let’s take the shown build and compare it against an avenger build.
The build uses 5 hp plates,let’s assume they are all myth and evrything is maxed.
The avenger build would end up with the following stats:
Hp 3295 vs 2913 382 hp diference.
Heat 323 vs 532 209 heat diference.
Cooling 196 vs 227 31 cooling.
Energy kind of the same.
From this i can tell you, in a head to head confruntation or against orher phis builds the avenger build wins due to hp.
Vs energy builds the Avenger wins, because of slightly better regen and hp.
Vs heat the Interceptor wins(bur only against 2xcorupt light and 2xsorrow builds, because most others have limited uses weponry, and end up using stomp aftet some rounds).
Imho i find that the Avenger build is better since it can win 2 out of 3 types.