A Ultimate Dream Clan

So This is basically Putting 7 Strongest supermechs player into one clan called “7DeadlySins” which is basically dumb but be the leader is amazing,and no im not looking nor needing of a clan just pointing this out…and feel free to put your dream clan members in the comment section(tho this isnt youtube)

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I like it :heartpulse: My dream clan is one where people are friends and chat, they hang out and play the game but don’t give a crap about winning, but if they wanted to they could rule the game. They make a mockery of it and pick and choose who wins and losses by beating and or losing to the random clan that strikes their fancy. I would call it Chaos or Chosen


Sounds nice toxic. I was in a few clans like that but they weren’t dominant.


My dream clan would be full of people willing to send me real money… perhaps each person sends me 5 million USD each day?

Yes… that would be amazing.


I would like to be in a clan where my sock drawer was safe from the other members…


literally nobody did what was asked by OP
My dream clan tho

Mikoto Souh
Killy Machine
Ilona (resurrected)



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My dream clan:

The clan which I am already in (HTK) :slight_smile: these guys are amazing in so many ways - not just because they are powerful in game.

Addition of Kaen for the 24th member xD


My dream clan would be a clan where flux would send me my god damn hotdog


That’s a good Dream clan
Hope i get one too Xd

Dream Clan, would need more then 24 members…so that The Alcohol Apreciation Society could fit it.
We wouldnt fight much, but instead we would raid diferent bars, and fight Epic Boss Battles against diferent beverages… with the sole purpose of descovering new and exciting flavours.
After each raid we would retire to the Den and talk about good old days, that none of us actualy remember.
@Mordulec- Tank- absorbs incredible amount of pappilar damage, and most of the incoming drinks.
@Wepwawet - Healer - takes care of the fallen and wounded clanmates, special ability Ibuprofen dealer.
@Alexander - Tactical Drinker - takes care of the “special” beverages.
@TinCan - Flanker - moves to the flank of the Bar Guardian, and initiates raid when Guardian is distracted.
@Misfit- Flanker - the Bar Guardian has 2 sides, so it is obvious.
@Gaurav- Single Malt Specialist - undercover tasting-knight of Malta
@MaliceWolf - Heavy Bomber - straight Bourbon watcher.
@RalfMan - Fairy - light drinker of high sugar content drinks.
@ShadowofDeath - Smuggler- posible that he is a pirate… cause he drinks Rum.
@Elcent - Tactical suport- infiltration and filtration specialist, also provides cover for the Tank.
El Metre - The Alcoholist- will suport the Tanker, does not requier a healer, has in build Liver Shield,presumed imortal… or at least in the process of embalming himself from the inside.


lol @El_Metre… nice!! Archeology is my thing and I also like Enology. Therefore I could be “the wine taster”, the one looking for the best vintage wines…

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That’s alot of information but hey,atleast its in topic XD

@El_Metre but ummm and Sarah? maybe gogodancer? or tequila girl?


There you go… that’s your spirit.



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Well…This turned into a “Post something about rum”

We had a simular topic in old forum - I think it was Top 5 of all time - @Fluffeh and I was mentioned there most. Thanks for that :wink: . That topic ended … like you stated correct here also … into mention themself or only making fun of !

So I will give a honest opinion. And since you ask for “7 Strongest Supermechs PLAYERS” I will not mention the strongest mechs right now, only the strongest players behind the account - means the players themself (not current strongest mechs), depending on their playing skills and ability to create best mechs. And a sidenote, “skills” were needed more and more, the more you go back in this game about versions. Logic: because damage was max. 10% from now and the turns were alot lot lot more in average. In this currect version really close to NO skills are needed (the reasons are well discussed in a lot of topics already - OP weapons, OP modules, huge gaps, etc etc). Right now it is more a click-game, then a strategy-game.

But first of ALL I love all our HardToKill Members !!!
:sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :two_hearts:
(they all do so great !)

WE click best at the moment !!!


And if you see yourself not in my list, please dont be angry about, just imagine you are the 8th !

In alphabetic order …
(OMG 7 is less to mention so many, good players I know)

@Ogonna *
@Old Exit
@ReiMuBots ([-R-M-] / r1234)

For all, who don’t know about mirror111, he put down Ogonna 3 weeks in a row about 1st place, had the record 3 Single Gold Medals in a row for a long long time (after myself, hli and now @Rising broke that record, in this time order), had also an amazing win-streak record, together with @MrOneTwo … both +800. Also broken from my brother, me and now @Rising !
I am pretty sure this mirror111 would be still a great challange to beat, if he would still play !

*I would never play with him in one clan, because I know way to much about how he got all his medals, BUT I will give him that - > he was/is sure one of the best about playing skills



And what year was it?

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Does that matter?

Today we still talk about Spartacus and that was in the year 73 a. C. and 71 a. C.

how strange that you said this, coming from you that you like archeology you should know.

the legends never die !

like it or not but as she said she would not name herself, one of the great legends of the Supermechs will always be Miss @bestplayerintheworld.

many criticize, question and talk about it.

I say: instead of criticizing because you do not try to overcome it!

the road will be long, very long, good luck with that …