A Tutorial World/Island (for new players) Pease Vote!


What am I talking about?

Basically a tiny customized map, with absolutely no other real players than themselves. (huh? - I’ll come back to this, just keep reading :relaxed: )

The map could for example be a tiny island - a tutorial island. Perhaps with some dragon decorations or something interesting to keep the newbies’ attention peaked.

The Theory

Now, new players in 2017 oftentimes have short attention spans - very short. They want to chase that “high” all the time right?

Well then let’s give the tutorial island insanely fast tick speed! Like 8 ticks an hour or something like that. Just enough for them to do their tasks, think a little, then move onto next tick for the next task.

This will assure that they’re having fun all the time, while also teaching them game mechanics and the rest of the basics.

Tutorial Island Blueprint (the idea)

Ok so now you know the theory. Let’s get more practical.

This is the things I believe would make this idea work:

  1. When the new player starts up BD for the first time, this island map is automatically generated for him (it’s not a public server).
  2. The player is completely alone on the island, except for some AI colonies some ETA’s away.
  3. The man that usually talks in our current tutorial pops up at the middle of the screen in a fancy military costume or something. However, this time he is not talking about what Battledawn is… Instead, there is a disastrous crisis… “Sir! Your colony is being attacked. Now, I will be here to assist you… bla bla…”
  4. Then, you’re introduced to unit recruitment (which I think should be simplified , no need with all these different unit types and advanced “which unit kills this type easiest…bla bla” type of setup).
  5. After essential structures are built (which takes only a few seconds or very few minutes with 8+ tick theme) the player gets hit by the attack and survives due to the units he recruited. “Hurray bla bla…” says the tutorial man voice.
  6. Now, the tutorial voice amps the player up. “It’s time for revenge sir!” “The war is on” “But first we will have to scan the enemy to see his army, we must be prepared and outnumber his men!”
  7. Then the player first scans and maybe plants spies on the AI colonies.
  8. Then the player attacks and conquer them all.

End Notes

Of course, there is more to it, they must be introduced to rankings and how to spot good alliances and such, which could be a second tutorial (an optional one).

But for now, what do you guys (and Tacticsoft) think about having a tutorial island for new players?

Please vote, if we get enough, it might get implemented to the game and the player base will increase!

  • I would like to see a tutorial island for beginners!
  • I don’t think this would work.

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I love the general idea behind this. Teaching new players the basics of the game with the use of AI should be developed this way or another. The hardest part though is keeping the players engaged once they join a real world and get conquered. If we can think of a way to do that through the use of this “island”, even better.


I think that if they liked the tutorial, but get conquered in the “real world”, they will switch world and try again.

After all, its oftentimes failure that sparks our interest in succeeding. At least for me it does.

Therefore I believe that your assumption that this is the hard part - is wrong (partially). I think it’s just the awful introduction to the game that makes the player never return. In most cases he (probably) never sees the message “You are conquered!” at all…

He is long gone before that.


I totally buy the idea but doubt it can be done seperately for everyone
On the other hand if we have a noob only world for beginners ,pros with out tokens or just bored trolls will make new accounts and conquer the server

But yes it would be great
If noobs came to know how to use gates (mostly problem), Recruit and move lots of units, Scan, Dragons, Attack AND CONQUER(most noobs never get a chance) and relocate at start.

Once they experience being at the top, They will try to compete against experienced players and be active as well. But if noobs join a 1 tick world to learn usually they just forget all about it due to time it takes

Its a Good Idea To Attract Players AND make them stay, Which @Alexander is trying to do mostly.


But if the developers really wants to isn’t it possible to have it done separately? :confused:

I mean, I’ve seen some other browser games that has this feature. And they do it for a reason.

If they figure out how to do this, then they can specialize the map for each individual player like I said in the main post. (Automatically generated like in the League of Legends tutorial for example).

This is key to retain newbies, and new players are everything.


Creating personalized small servers for every player who joins is not very practical unfortunately. Sure, right now, it might not put a lot of pressure on the servers to keep up as we don’t have a huge influx of players joining everyday, BUT, if we go on track to increase player counts and retention, you never know when a flux may occur with future plans. Imagine if something happened with BD that happened with SM. A famous youtuber posts something and a bunch of players flock. Millions. All getting their own individual little server space personalized for them to learn. Yea… you can probably bet there would be a crash. A big one. The way the game is coded, I don’t believe it’s very practical to try giving everyone their own instanced island. Perhaps @Alexander can shed a bit more light on that aspect for us. I could be totally wrong on this aspect and not understand something that could be done that Alex knows :slight_smile: I’m no programmer.

Another BIG issue I see. If you give them such a fast tick speed, then you take it away from them… There is no 8 tick server out there. You gave them a rush, then you send them in with nothing close to what they learned. Sure, they know the basics, but now, all of a sudden, they’re in a TOTALLY different world. And they go from, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this!” to “OMG, IM GETTING DECIMATED”. It’s a big kick to ego’s to build people up and then pile drive them headfirst into the ground. Sometimes that brings people to get more motivated… sometimes. But as you said, many have short attention spans.

I definitely LOVE the idea of something like this, but I also think there’s some fundamental flaws with the current set up you have (which has ALWAYS been an issue for creating a tutorial).


Perhaps 4 ticks/hour would be better. Still somewhat fast, but it won’t be such a big change once they try a “real world”.

Also, I am no programer either, but I do believe this can be done without having multiple servers. Because, it’s just AI and the player. I mean, if other browser games can do this, then why not BD?

Moreover, let’s say the servers do get overloaded (hurray?) and they crash… then invest in better server stuff - with more players comes more money anyways, so I don’t really see the problem.

But yeah, let’s hear from the developers.

I also think there are things that could be done with the in game activities we do. Like, between ticks there aren’t always too much to do right? Not that this matter too much to people who are in the top teams fighting to win (they need all the time they’ve got), but it will probably make the game more thrilling for the newer players.

A quick idea:

Customizable Castle/Colony - You can add parts and give it different colors for example, and other players will be able to see how your castle/colony differs from others. Maybe for players that have been in the top 10 rankings and such - instead of a ribbon under their name they can have special parts they can add to their castle/colony.


Sorry, not saying a NEW server per instance. I’m saying, every instance would put strain on the server.

And as for more players = more money, when it comes to big fluxes like that, it doesn’t correlate perfectly. The amount needed to be bought to offset the lag and crashing would eventually fade anyways as players leave after the initial look. It’s not like every single one of them automatically will be buying reds (though I’m sure there would be an influx). So it comes down to, what’s worth the investment.

As for other things, I can assure that Alex has been thinking on those kind of things to try making things more lively for newer players to keep retention up.


Well, enough thinking and more doing. Let’s try some ideas and see if they work!


You could always run these “islands” client-side… And let the player control their own tick speed on the fly. For example start it as a 1-ticker, and then let the player skip to the turn end. Essentially make the island almost a real-time game, while making it clear that the time in the actual game would be much slower (and obviously fixed). The only thing you’d need the server for would be any battles, which I don’t imagine would be too demanding.

Another thing would be to teach the newer players some “more advanced” tactics. By this I just mean simple tricks like EoT launches, BoT spy attacks, and all the other things anyone who plays BD considers basic essentials but new players still have to be taught outside the current tutorial.