A trading mechnic

How about a trading thing that allows people to trade stuff. Maybe of the same rarity.



NO. NEVER TRADING. MAYBE GOLD. NO ITEMS, FUEL, OR TOKENS. EVER. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


whats up with new accounts and their first idea being a trading idea


(That was tactisoft’s cash flying to heaven)

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He joined like 20 minutes ago.


Not again…


I will now perform an action known as posting. The contents of the electronic message contains a verb that is used to reject proposals, also known as “no”. This action will be performed by physically tapping a rectangle that has many uses and a glass screen that is luminous.

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h o w a b o u t n o

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Too much cancer!!

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Obviously didn’t listen or do any research

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A in game trade system would be too easily abused in a game like this that is part based. People would be spamming out accounts to farm parts to feed a main account. It would cost Tacticsoft money since people wouldn’t spend on tokens to purchase chests. They would be making new accounts, blowing through all the easy achievements for token rewards, using those tokens to purhase chests, transfer the good parts to their main and then dump the used accounts and making new ones to do the same again.


One word: exploit


If the forum mods can censor swear words why can’t we just ask to censor the word “trade” as well because it will save our sanity from these noobs asking for trading which will never ever happen. :rofl:

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If they do that, they should also include swap, exchange, switch

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  1. I don’t think Forum Mods can choose what words are censored, only the owners of Discourse can…
    And maybe only for the whole Discourse community…

  2. Even if they could, it wouldn’t be really productive, since people using this words wouldn’t know why it’s censored

  3. It could mess up everyday discussions

  4. You can bypass censoring easier the easiness itself…

Stop asking everywhere about a clan, one will contact you if they want to, or try your luck with clans outside of the forums…

It would help if people would try to SEARCH for a keyword before they post the same things for like the thousandth time.

Let me help you with the search function in case you do not know what that is and how it works.

  1. You open the forum and go to the Super Mechs section. There wou will find the search button on the top right:

  1. Click that search button and enter the keyword you want to look for in the appearing search line.
    In your case that would be the word “trade” like this:

  1. As shown in that screenshot if there are many topics regarding that keyword then you can also click on the option “show more” to get the full list.
    That option “show more” brings you then to this page:

And there you can no finally check how “genuine”, how “good”, how “original”, how “new” etc. your idea really is.

Furthermore once you realize how “new” your “idea” is you will even find out as to why your “idea” has not been implemented in the game yet.

Best regards.