A thread about Supermechs at its current state

Warning: Big wall of text

I’m just gonna say it, this game has gone to shit.

Soo, as most have you have seen, a lot of people are leaving Supermechs. This includes @Lordcurzon, @WinzKay, and also WayneSM if you guys know him. They have all said the same thing

Skill no longer matters in this game. Only the amount of money you spend, magmas, and platplates matter. 

And I totally agree with them.

The thing is, the Supermechs team isn’t listening to what the people on the forums want or the suggestions people have to Breath Life Into the Game. In fact, the game got cancerous after the reloaded update. All we got from our years of hard work was some power kits and a 100 token reward, which is only enough to get 1 premium pack. The game had so much potential but it was wasted, and that is the reason for why so many people are leaving. Continuing, only the people in the top ranks can score well in raids, which means the top ranks just keep getting better and better, leaving us in the dust.

Honestly, I might leave sometime in the future, my luck in this game is just trash and I won’t get to rank 7 if I don’t buy something with my own money. I still have yet to get a claw or a nightfall which is just RIDICULOUS considering my alt already has all of the things I wanted while only at level 50. The game doesn’t take any skill and it just amounts to RNG and money.

Do you agree with me?

  • Yes I agree
  • No, shut up

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When shields are introduced, weapon like bunker shell and magma blast will be really weak. Shields don’t exist right now so they only way to compensate, is to “tank” the hits and outlast the effects. Not everyone can build these type of mechs. You need lots of spare platinum plates. I for one think they should reintroduce rockets and bullets into the game again. Part of the reason why Death Punch was ok back then was because it cost rocket to use so it had to cost a module slot. This is also an indicator of what the problem is. Mechs these days have too many module slots which mean too many extreme builds can exist resulting in mech builds that are rather simple in design. You pile on lots of HP, Resistance, Heat/Engine, Regen/Cooling in a certain combination and that’s it. This is also why certain weapons that have infinite repeats are so weak as well. They pale in comparison to weapon that “pack a punch”.


Wait shields are getting reintroduced?

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About RNG - I had months of break from both game and forums, after my comeback I saw… Weapon that deals circa 100-800 dmg which means it’s complete no skill match randomizer. I was like how tf this got into game lol…


Ik I get destroyed by Frantic Brute in almost every game



It is first weapon that I am sure should be deleted from game. Even OP version of Bunker wasn’t destroying fun that much. What’s worse heat and electric ones are definitely weaker, almost not competitive.

Finally, absolute game breaker… 1vs1 with this weapon. Just a big LOL here xD


You also need luck… xD
Who shoot first will win.

I’m not saying it’s OP, I’m saying it’s luck based.

What’s the satisfaction if on turn 2 my oponnent just shoot this thing twice for 100 dmg and quits? None


I don’t spend that much, maybe 400$ total? And I have no Magmas, no Bunkers, and only 3 Plats, I’m not even using any currently.


Bro… I didn’t reply to you.

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SM current state - you didn’t reply to me but it fits 100%

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Random I guess??? xD

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skill never mattered if u faced magmas and bunkers or other 1-shot metas in the past (double supernovas, double armor destroyers)

and yeah ts introduced frantics as a way to luck out against those builds but we know how that went

shields will weaken the dps meta a lil bit but it wont make it phase out until we get another gamebreaking torso that aligns with the powercreep of the zark > vest > gorilla ones

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sm will only get worse and possibly die out


Click click magmas boom boom win game ez , basically whats the game is all about right now , we need an immediate all item stats rework right now , or the game will suffer the double shredder meta slave syndrome again


Magma blast needs a buff.

Maybe two.


Seriously …

  • the game lost any REAL skill factor with SuperMechs reloaded

Reason …

  • all stats (HP, heat, energy, damage) went up between +100% and +300%

… that killed the REAL skill factor :exclamation:

Explanation :

@SilverBox @Mohadib @jonny @Sarah247

Due to this huge increasing of most stats, the needed TURNS to kill the opponent were reduced by a LOT :exclamation:

  • less turns = less skillz needed

Press the shot button, thats it :exclamation:

Before Reloaded you could out-play an opponent with so many strategies :exclamation:

This is all gone now, cos of the mentioned reason / to less turns needed :exclamation:


So well said, can’t agree more~

The more turns needed, the more will so called RNG damage flatten out over time.

If all the weapons were to be given double as many turns and twice weaker damage it would increase duration of the game much more and strategy~

As Rei mentioned, current meta is too much of a burst meta. Steady lower dealing weapons with more turns get out matched by those that pack a punch with less turns.


What is the point in having steady damage weapons with more turn but less damage if you won’t stay alive long enough to use up those turns?

Exactly a reason to why Heat Point got nerfed a ton. While again it’s still one of the very good drones to use.

I haven’t tried legacy SM, but I can tell that it was much more fair considering that there existed a shop of items to buy of your choice.

I still don’t understand WHY developers haven’t been keeping that shop TOGETHER with RNG Premium Boxes and Packs.

Those who want to gamble and see it as efficient and cheaper way of getting items they will do that. Those who think that it’s better to straight out spend a ton of tokens for a single item they want will go for it as well.


All you need is a correct pricing for that certain item and a good marketing method of price elevation and drop, considering the markets needs of that particular item.

It’s very logical, just as it is in the real world marketing.


Ultimately, the game has gone to shit.

I’m not sure what TS can do at this point. If they do a 2nd reloaded, tons of players will leave, if they bring back the old Supermechs, it will feel out of place for a while but we will come to our senses. If they keep doing updates like new items and new MP design, the game will die out. And anyways, Flash Adobe is shutting down soon in the future, so they need to do it before then.