A thing to let yo know who is on the thread/ who is online i the forum


i hate it when i am typing to some and they juust left the forum to sleep or some thing
then some thing that tells you whos on the forum so then we could have an idea of who we are talking to. i feel like it would make things much easyer when chatting with people, so then you know who you can chat with rather than calling people that are not online in the forum, then you feel like an fool
i made this thread quickly so dont be mad at meh
what do you guys think


Quite true honestly.This happens alot.But dont go to hard on them.


i just dislike when i want to talk to some one but then there not online and some people know there not but you dont then your calling then and finaly 5 min later some one tells you there offline then it makes you seem like a fool
@w4rd0g what do you mean by hard on them?


This is called Facebook, discord and SOCIAL MEDIA.

The forums isn’t necessarily a specific platform for social media but rather a collective conversational site


Umm … :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
What should I say :V


i know i just hate it


can just wait for their response and the message back right away, or just use skype or something


A forum in its essence is a public posting board, where anyone can join and leave the discussion at any time (not a true conversation). If you want to talk to someone one on one, as excel said, it would be better to use skype or discord. Don’t feel like a fool if someone leaves on you either, if you were having a discussion they will probably come back to reply eventually.


yah the thing about that is that i dont got skype/discord




yah it sucks i dont got any :sob:


Why not just download them lmao.


i dont have a phone it sucks


If you use a Computer, for Discord just go to the online version and make an account


You don’t need a phone for discord, you can access it in your browser or you can install the app on pc.


and at least on the bd side, maybe players choose to have the invisible feature on so that enemies cant tell exactly when they are on and off. so any online feature here would also need to include an invisible feature