A super good tip I just knowing


A Nintendo Switch Main theme of a new hype game :stuck_out_tongue:


Have engsub ?
Im not good at listening skills :wink:


But nice song :slight_smile:


Alright here.

(The trailer is not like this. Its just set like this for some reason.)
(Also sorry if you were just listening to it and I stopped it by accident.)


…nah still great


Try it too XD

Best song with me XD


im not sure why im watching it now XD


could you write in english?


Song have engsub already


i mean topic


i use english to write topic…


somehow i don’t get what are you are trying to say at all


As you might have noticed, players on this forum, can be… easily angered. So, i’ve been thinking, that when they say something bad or offensive to you or anyone else for that matter, just don’t start yelling back at them and get defensive, just drop it.
If you don’t do this, you won’t be any different to (in other people’s eyes) then the “offender” so to speak. But, if you keep your mind “cold” and type smart (level headed and be willing to step down), in other words, not upsetting him and double checking to make sure that you don’t come across offensive in anyway.
Or, even better, just don’t respond at all. It happen’s to me all the time and let me tell you, this is the best possible piece of advice I can give you guys on this forum. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a good day, or night, whatever and wherever it is for you!
(Your ENG. translation lel) @W.P.O.T.W






thank :smiley: