A super good tip I just knowing


And as u know or don’t know player on forum is … easily to be angry …
So i have thinking when they tell somethings bad with u … U don’t need to be angry because if u do that u will not different with them so the best way is keep ur mind “cold” and type smart.
Or best way is don’t type anythins.
I be it many time so it the best tip i give for u guys.
Thank for reading and bye :smiley:
Good night or day …
*Better version by Anuu: (reply to W.P.O.T.W)
As you might have noticed, players on this forum, can be… easily angered. So, i’ve been thinking, that when they say something bad or offensive to you or anyone else for that matter, just don’t start yelling back at them and get defensive, just drop it.
If you don’t do this, you won’t be any different to (in other people’s eyes) then the “offender” so to speak. But, if you keep your mind “cold” and type smart (level headed and be willing to step down), in other words, not upsetting him and double checking to make sure that you don’t come across offensive in anyway.
Or, even better, just don’t respond at all. It happen’s to me all the time and let me tell you, this is the best possible piece of advice I can give you guys on this forum. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a good day, or night, whatever and wherever it is for you!
(Your ENG. translation lel) @W.P.O.T.W


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u was a nice man :smiley:


Thank you buddy, U as well. See you soon in arena and good luck :smiley: !


You too :smiley:
It was a good way to make friend.
Im not sure why people hate me that much in my country a man like me can be call with a name like
too good guy XD


Dont know, Maybe they can find you annoying, dumb and many more reason. But be sure dont let them keep saying thay. Always hope and dont give up, This might just show how bad they are and u should looking for friend somewhere else. U never know what going to happend.


I think it because the different of cultural


That cloud be the reason too. Maybe they just been defencive since they dont know what expect from you.


But nah who care.
Because this why I make this topic :smiley:


Exatcly just been your self and dont look at other, Stay cool and enjoy life as you can! :smiley:
Here buddy have a cookie :cookie:
Have a good day/night buddy, Looking forward to meet you in arena again .


OK …But I’m not eat cookies usally(1 time per 5 years)
i ill wait to meet u in arena


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Nice but what i am listening…