A suggestion to help balance out energy

Energy mechs of this forum, please don’t just read the title and then immediately get angry because you are an energy mech. Energy is broken in this game, and it needs to be fixed.

Energy mechs can do more damage than any other type of mech in this game, since the energy drain is added to damage when someone is energy broken, so faceshocker, valient snipers, and bunkershells become very op and unstoppable.
My suggestion is that when someone is energy broken, only 50% of the energy drain is added on as damage, in order to reduce the insane amount of damage energy mechs can do, especially with things like the faceshocker.
Please be reasonable in the replies

  • Yes
  • No
  • Good idea, but there are some things I would like to change.

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EDIT: Poll has spoken, not a good idea
Maybe the solution is better weapons for heat that aren’t premium?

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If energy was so OP or unstoppable, why wouldn’t more people be energy? If you had the opportunity to be unstoppable, why complain?

This is one of the worst replies in the history of replies

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in a few words you admit that the enrgy is op and we should be all energy to solve the problem … if you realize the majority opt for physical because being energy implies having too many items primiun … physical free items lethal

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this is pretty much the equivalent of saying “make game boring plz”


If everyone was energy mechs, the game would be boring af

Also, through pure circumstance and luck, the weapons I have lean towards heat, and since I wont pay money on this game I use what I got. I can’t just say abracadabra and summon valient snipers, grim reapers, and faceshockers out of thin air. If I could, I definitely would.
Keep in mind, if you are energy and have this op build dont feel guilty or anything, you use what you get in this game and thats fine, so it isn’t the players fault, instead it is the fault of the game and the unbalance seen in these energy mechs, so that is why I am suggesting this.


Ah, so you are a heat mech because it is less boring. Got it.

here is right, plus many of the items needed for a good electrical construction fall extremely hard

You are twisting my words because you are angry at my replies

Don’t do that, I said in the post to be reasonable. If everything was the same mech, then the game would be boring
Did I even mention being a heatmech because it is less boring?
The numbers in the suggestion can be changed, keep in mind.

Not saying this at all, I’m all for new weapons and improvements to the game.

I’m asking why so many people complain about energy but they aren’t energy.

well, from what I know physical mechs are powerful a suppose to combat the energy mechs cause not many take energy compared to heat or Energy. Heat makes other overheat and they probably made like a rock paper scissor rule between the elements.

Not angry at all.

Just asking, have you tried energy?

Because we want this game to be strategic, to have a very diverse amount of builds that can all win, so instead of just slapping on those bunker shells you have to constantly think of ways to outsmart your opponent, and this really applies in the top ranks especially.

We can’t just all be the same build

The problem is, energy mechs if they drain your energy do much more damage than physicals

because you ether don’t think how energy works, or you have no energy resistance

I can’t just “try” the energy builds I am talking about, I would have to completely break from my main and focus on building a new mech, and I might not even get the items I seek, since there is no guarantee from the boxes what you might get.

Or maybe you dont know how energy works…

Try a different element build then

a way to balance the game would be to nerfear energy, increase the heating of heats weapons, remove energy from some weapons and nerf their damage … there are more but all disgust more than 1

If I have 50 energy resistance, and I am energy broken, malice beam will do 300 damage, bunker shell will do 500 damage, face shocker will do 270, resulting in a total of almost 1000 damage if the circumstances line up