A stupid little rant

So, I have two stuff to complain about.

First is, a balanced match up. Ever since I reached rank 8, which because I improved my mech so much, I feel so punished about that. Anyways, when I reached that rank, I now keep fighting people with mythical items. Mythical torsos, and having to deal with a mythical corrupt light is such a pain in the ass.

But don’t worry, that can be managed since rewards in PvP sucks anyways. Plus, I only need 3 wins now in order to get free 20 fuel. Which is so useful, because I usually spend more time in grinding campaign.

But here’s the one reason why I am so pissed about this game.

It’s the stupid feature where box’s prices increase the more you buy them. I mean seriously, what the actual hell is this for? If 20000 credits for two fucking COMMON items isn’t stupid enough, then get the hell out of here.

I tried asking about why does this exist in dev’s Q&A event, but I didn’t get any answer. So if anyone in the SM team is reading about this, this is your chance to tell us why this exists.

Sure, this is reasonable if you get higher chances of getting epic items the more expensive a box is. But no, that’s not the case. You buy literally the same box for such a ridiculous price. It holds back progression, having to buy boxes until they reach 10k (Which is about 3-5). So guys, if you’re a saver like me, I buy only 5 boxes, and wait a damned DAY in order to buy my next 5 BOXES.

My only real way of “farming” boxes is hoping for a drop off from Big Boy.

I made up my mind. PLEASE. I don’t need a damned explanation behind this goofy feature. JUST. REMOVE. IT. Fusion costs are already expensive enough, we don’t need boxes that cost you 20k credits and give you two common items. Ffs.


Ok, thank you for your feedback. We will now increase the box prices so that it now increases by 10k each purchase instead of 1k.

Oh, and we reduced the chance of getting Epics in them.

I hope you enjoy these changes!

~ Supermechs Team


No… the answer is:

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll send it to the Team.

And after that nothing ever happens


First days are always this way.
This morning I’ve reached Rank4 and a half, then this afternoon I was in the mood for some more PvP and I’ve been kicked down to Rank6, now I’m almost Rank4 again.
Match up is totally screwed just after league reset.




1 the number of passes due to the decrease of fuel - reduced.
2 Frequency of drop boxes for passage - reduced.
3 the volume of items in a box BB - reduced.
4 the quality of the items - reduced to the ordinary and rare.

Now to bombing BB is unproductive to comic.

A question to all in this thread - when BB gave a wonderwaffenbox or epic?


@11_11, just after SM Reufked patch went live… It was a special box with minimum 2 epics (MINIMUM!!!), with a high chance of landing a legend… But it was like 2-3 weeks of joy. Then the nerfrenzy came…


nerfenziwa dupova :rage:

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Crazy that they did this. It explains how many players got several important legendaries which are nearly impossible to get now.

I came in on the second wave where legendaries were incredibly rare, but I could get about 1 a week from grinding Big Boy.

Now it’s comical. Every time I land a “fortune” box, I almost have I laugh. Other than the Lava Scope portal, I haven’t landed a legendary in almost a month despite playing daily.


You did not know that they changed the name of the box into “Misery Box”?? Every TS employee knows this… Jeeez, it is common knowledge, whenever I receive a Misery Box I say “UFCK! All the hopes for a decent drop vanquish…”


I call them “Toilet Box” … when I open them, it’s like opening a toilet in a gas station, where the previous user forgot to flush.

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Forgot to Flux, you mean? :smile::smile::smile:


I guess it’ll all sort itself out.

I’ve almost got my final build (best one I can make without finding legendaries) and I’ll play a few weeks with that I guess.

Then I’ll probably quit. Not because I’m butthurt but simply because there will be nothing left to do.

It’s really too bad. SM could be a great game if players could access most of the important items, and the game was about adjusting and tweaking one’s build strategically. The grind/paywall could still exist due to the cost of upgrading.

Unfortunately it seems the devs don’t want to go that direction. Oh well.


I remember some sort of mod asking “Why is the SM playerbase so hostile”? Well, this is probably your answer. Our devs keep removing good features and replacing them with useless ones.


Because if it doesnt increase each time you buy it , people will be encouraged to grind and buy regular boxes more instead of the tokens prenium boxes , less people buy prenium boxes = less profit

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I generally stop buying these boxes when they hit 10k.

It is just fuel for upgrade. Sometimes I get epics which is nice.

You got the right strategy. play campaign, earn coins, buy box, upgrade.

It takes a bit of time, but I managed to get at least +2 upgrade with the box purchase at the limit, and still have left for future upgrade.