A Student Player's helpful tips

Since no topic about a student player giving tips has ever created, i should create one.

(this is only for those players who are busy in their life on school or works, but if you want to read this topic then let’s get started)

Hey guys
I found a helpful way to balance your life and gaming!

  • Since mobile phones are introduced,instead of a PC, why not use it also to improve the way you play on SM. Mobile phones are portable, meaning you can bring it anytime and anywhere.

  • In campaign and farming, farm only the missions that give you alot of reward if a new campaign evemt is released. ex. Frequently farm Mission 6 Insane with Double Xp event.
    But, if you are a hard farmer, then go for it! But make sure you also do something irl,
    and since auto-pilot is introduced in sm reloaded, you can now farm while doing tasks.

  • In your workshop, don’t hesitate to upgrade and transform items, but do it wisely.

  • In building mechs, the best thing plan a mechs is to copy top rank builds. You can copy decent top rank builds if you dont have the items that you need.

  • In clan, join clans that can help your journer of progression. Make sure to follow what the leader said. Don’t be worry to get kicked out as long as you make excuses.

  • In arena, the 3 win arena is enough for a busy player like me or you.

  • also dont forget to do your dailies :wink:

that’s all of my tips

from pota


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My student play: Check for events --> Complete raid mission --> 5 wins on arena (if have some time) --> farm 6 mission in overlords den with autofight (if have some time) --> titan (if dont forget) --> quit. So I think this describes the game of most student players.

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we can do that if we get bored and game gives us repetition

By the way. You can combine farm time with watching vids on yt (for example). Just open SM in new window.

that’s only if you have an expensive phone or a free time.

the best combination is farm and task

but still

i like your idea

and also

there would be a reason if you votes No in the poll

Best tip is this

  • At least do the daily achievements. 10 Tokens is good


if any players tries to do help topics…

pls tag them here


also that


y i keep forgetting important stuff

More tips

  • Only do Gold portals once, on each difficulty. You’ll get better coins along with EXP in other levels.

  • Never go for a hybrid unless you know what you’re doing, or got help from a knowledgeable person.

  • When you’re leader of a new clan, be as friendly as you can be as the leader, don’t force, annoy, or bet players in fights to join. You’d get none outta that.

  • Don’t be afraid to test out new setups in Arena, you’d learn what not to use and what to use. If you’re trying to protect your Highest Rank, then wait until season reset for you to test once again.

  • Don’t be impatient in buying packs and such. It’ll make it harder to farm again.

Forum tips :

  • If you have a forums account, ask as much help , even if it might sound dumb. At least you’d get new knowledge out of it… If somebody answers that is.

  • If you have a newer forums account, be nice and calm, this makes you easy to approach and you’d probably get more help that way. Being a dckhead is not a viable option, but go on if you want to I guess.


bla bla bla bla , get 3 magmas , plat plates , click click boom boom win game , no further explanations and guides needed


Triple Magmas are OP, but actually need some form of advanced savings skill lol

But you’d look like a whale

saying magma blasts require skill is like saying breathing require atleast 15 years of experience


Lol no

Breathing requires 16

Also, ever notice how magma players don’t always use magmas outright, and use their top weapons first and stuff?

Well no because i big brain you small brain


Click-click, spend 3 years to get magmas and plat plates.

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or simple…

get lucky or pay

such obstacle will no longer become an issue when you have a credit card with atleast 7 legits

man tnx for adding more tips @cyanine

i appreciate your help

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No, tx. I NEVER pay in f2p games.

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