A store to buy parts and items with coins & a trade system included

it would be great for players to buy parts they needed or sell/trade items they don’t need. the items you would buy would be paid for in SM coins or tokens. the store would have 1 of each part(legs, torso, weapons,etc.) and in all 3 colors/element and in most rarities. there would also be a sell section to sell unneeded items for a reasonable price. Trading could be where you could see others on the trade tab and chat to them and send them trades. if any of this is possible plz consider.
Those who agree with me share ideas/possible looks or just let me know what you think.:grin::+1:


A store to sell and buy items is a pretty “OK” idea.

Trading on the other hand is bullshit…
Here’s what the community thinks about trading

Take your time and read the replies of this 2 year old topic…

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buy, fine
sell, fine
exchange through gold, nope

How about a different trade system, where you trade items for different items in the store, like two or three epics for an epic you want.


that sounds much more effective against multi accounts
although I’m not sure how exactly it works


There can be a set of items that are rotated in and out for the players to trade for using their own items. This system is entirely single player, so it is impossible to abuse it.

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That wouldn’t work because they couldn’t force money out of anyone anymore


That sounds interesting.

But It sounds too close to fusing items.

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Yeah, you’re right. That means that most of the ideas here wouldn’t work as they benefit the players instead of the devs.

Yeah, that’s why you can’t get L-M items from portals anymore or get 2 expensive offers back to back leaving you with no choice other than to pay if you need both

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Liran is the original dev of this game, and he would be disappointed at this game in it’s current state.

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EXACTLY. also, get rid of pads. they are super annoying. im not a golden skull anymore, (legacy before update) but when i was it was super annoying. whoever had the bright idea of adding pads, is a chad, kyle and karen into one. no offense

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we USED to have a store , but the developers in this game has removed it from the game due to the reason of “The Shop is way too comfusing and challenging for new players”


the most powerful items in shop would have to be like 1000 tokens

That doesn’t matter. If it’s permanent you could just save up for it at any time and wouldn’t have the need to spend money anymore.


It would be better if we eliminate the base, keep the trasformation but only with identical items (for example; 5 rocket launchers can be fuse to obtain 1 rare rocket launcher).

We could aldo introduce a brand new store with all selectables items. Higher levels unlocks better items in the store. A trading system for mechs only would be interesting, but not necessary, imo.

You know, if anyone has played this game game long enough, you’ll already know that there once was a shop where you could actually directly buy the stuff you wanted to get. It was amazing, but then then they changed it. DevilDestroyer is actually a genius for trying to bring this back. Although I dont know wether or not he actually knew there was a shop before. Please back this up people.

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I have this for 2 years by now but mk😑

I once proposed a similar idea but it did not get that much support, having said that I fully support your idea and I think that new items should be unlocked each time you level up in the shop.

They got rid of it because they got greedy. It ain’t coming back.