A special prize for community contributors


I propose to institute a special prize for those who have done some important task for the community and for the game.

This prize could be awarded once a month and would count on the winner being able to obtain 1 item of their choice.

In this way, people would be encouraged to do good things to improve the game and help community.

At this moment I can think about 3 possible candidates: 1. Zarkares (for their creations). 2. Welcome Top the List (for their “Economist’s Handbook”). 3. El Metre (for their creation of the Goat Tournament and for having helped many players in their constructions).

If you can think of someone else or another idea to reward these players, welcome!


Love the idea Wep. İd propose @Ricemech88 for his nice guide.


I’d also propose you in fact


He is also proposed.

Let’s see how many would agree with this.


Asa major contributor on many topics and protector of the noobs


I’ll continue make guide soon

I’m too lazy


I’d like to propose whoever organized the max mythicals listing of item stats, they should 1 of each resist plate, 3 platinum plates and uhhh 3 valiants.


I propose @Andernut Ander his work on the max item listing was incredibly hard work.
Ans he is an overall nice guy.


when you desperately try to get an item (voldemort item)

you could go to evangelize the children of africa or some distant place … about 3 months maybe so they can give you your much desired item…



Some proposals

1.- Touch the nose with the tongue.

2.- Lick your elbow.

3.- Fold a paper in 8 equal parts.

although this is fun you read these things, I remind you that the game does not contemplate giving gifts or prizes established by tactisoft for players only inside of the game. besides breaking the regulations of the game since only a small part of the game participates in the forum … and This game is not based on how good you are as forum people


No es mala idea, así crece la comunidad


I thought Andernut too.


But surely there are people in lower ranges who also do good things? I do not think everyone is “pro”.


the problem with this would be those who did not receive anything. , there will always be that problem, and why … they should give to everyone.


Because the prize is for who have excelled in the month for some very good task.


what would be that task … should be for all the prize as the raid … in the forum I do not think it’s like in the game, if it existed n system so hypocrisy would begin on the part of those who want the prize …


That is exactly what is tried! That people want to do good things to get the prize!


would not be good actions … would be the result of the desire to win I prefer to be sincere than hypocrites … so better that there is nothing like that, is any forum would say or do anything if it benefits … so it does not work


There are people who do good things always, with a prize or without prize. But if you put a reward, it stimulates a lot more people.


It’s not about creating an ethics school. But to encourage people to do useful things for the game and to community.