A special end of the year event

For the last week of the year for the last seven days we get a special prize each day 1st day of the week a gold portal 2nd day of the week a refuel pack and extra xp and 2 times coins 3rd day a premium box and the arena gold thing 4th day special limited time item 5th day same portal from the 4th day and 2 premium boxs 6th day 100 tokens and 50% chance to get a legendary last day the 7th day premium pack with guaranteed 1 legendary and a choice between a bunker shell or magma blast or flaming scope
Okay so special thing can’t wait to here what you guys think

  • Yes
  • No
  • I love it can’t wait
  • Could use changes but yes
  • Could use changes but no

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please vote if you saw this topic

I like the idea, but won’t happen.

But 2019 it’s far Lol.


I know but hey I was thinking something smaller for each season of the year like winter fall summer and spring like at the start of them

How about you just get 100 tokens or a premium box for every day for the last month of the year? That sounds like too much but with current drop rates…we deserve it.

This cant happen- this would cause literally everyone in the game to get the claw


It shouldn’t happen- although I do like the srest of the idea

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Okay any changes I could make because I think the idea is okay and ready to maybe go