A spam topic - Serious Spam


I think we scared Dwightx off the forum’s?? :confused:


Really? What happened?


Or maybe he got a fully fused mech and can’t make anymore “MAXING OUT BLAH BLAH BLAH” Videos

I don’t see his posts anymore .


Me either he used to always IM me but it has been a few days now since I have seen him. I wonder what happened… Maybe it was the video contest thing?


I love happy feelgood posts. Thank you Merciful. I can come back to the forum now. It’s not polluted anymore


And tbh he can’t feel bad about losing the video contest. His videos took 0 effort to make and the odds were against him from the start. Not only because of the quality of his videos. Because of the way he acted towards non-female people on the forum. Why treat people like trash but then when you need their vote, pm them with “what can i do to change your mind and make you vote for me?” Idk, maybe change your attitude a couple weeks before the contest and at least pretend to be nice to other people (not just the females) on the forum. And quite a lot of his votes were from his youtube subscribers that made an account on the forum just to vote.