A solution to the heat and energy weapons cost diffirences


I haven’t said you were wrong, I just wanted to point out overall stats aren’t the same: they have the same costs differently distributed but not the same drain/heat damages with energy being on the upper hand.
Since the OP is a nonsense I though it was worth it to give some insight, cuz if one read your post and don’t know the game indeep ends up thinking energy and heat counterpart are the same, which they aren’t.


its GODZILLA not kiira


It not weaker it will be better if you upgrade it


I know, I have faced you. I saw your name in the original post


I dont get what you mean, please explain :wink: :grey_exclamation:



Hi Goji
think on heat generation from heat weapons
corrupt light & malice beam have the same cost but oposite
si theyre balanced

if ur problem is the double corrupt light combo then u should think on adding another heat engine to ur build or at leas a heat storage unit
or if u dont have it, get valiant sniper to drain enought energy
also if u r using snack drone u should know u wont make breaks so easy since snack is indeed the worst energy drone


Would unbalance it, and i don’t think umbalanced fights are epic.


I really think that these claims of energy > heat > physical are just plain wrong… at least at the level of rank 4ish where I have been stuck. I am using mythical heat engines and have 461 heat and it is still very hard to not get shut down. There are just too many heat weapons that use no energy.


Just Desolation and drones are available to the majority, all the other heat weapons that use no energy are premium items and kinda rare in game. You are not gonna see many of 'em at Rank4.
CL, Savagery, Supreme Cannon, DawnBlaze, all of 'em are energy dependent.
Plus there isn’t even one non premuim item that can cover range 1-2 or 2-4, while energy can cover all the ranges with non premium items.


This is just simply not true. Most people are carrying magma blast, reckoning, or sorrow, in addition to desolation and drone. I have never been above rank 4 and these weapons are very commonly seen. Even though they are “rare” just having two common desolation plus even one of these others makes you essentially immune to energy Mechs.


I dunno who are you fighting, I move between Rank4 and 3 and I don’t see many people with premium items, max 1 per mech usually. Mebbie we are just experiencing different situations.


What I mean by it, was that if you upgrade it, so that it would have more heat. The mech will be shutdown before they could make your energy go to 0.


probably is because u battle a lot on first days of league
u probably gonna found rank 1s & even top ranks on first 3 days since their fighting to get back their place
fight just what u need, 5 battles on first 3 days is a good number, then on next 4 days u can have more “balanced” battles & try to reach a good rank

think on ur build too
ive seen people who carry 2 ultrabright with repulser & snack complaining as u x not being capable on drain other mechs
just think if ur build is ok for ur rank or u need to improve ur strategy