A solution to the heat and energy weapons cost diffirences

i was thinking why dont yall make the heat weapons the same cost as the energy weapons cost like for example the heat version of malice beam energy weapon is 16 energy cost when the energy malice beam costs 47 energy or less depends on your level on its upgrading its kinda unfair to some of us if u think about it so i think yall should make the heat weapons the same cost as energy weapons it would be more balanced and the battle between players would be more epic everyone comment on this post n say what u think on my idea nothing rude please by: GODZILLA

it would be unfair for heat and energy would be even more dominant as if ira not already.

Heat is given a low energy usage cause its a good counter for energy , whilst still having a chanse to overheat their enemy.

If it were to happen ot would be sonethinf like this :

Energy >>>> Heat > Physical

Which isnt balanced at all


Ok good point indeed but thats the thing energy mechs lose to heat mechs alot cause when they drain the energy users energy to almost all the way the player can use that small bit of energy for his heat weapons and win that round i just think it would be more fair that way but u bring up a very good point techno

what they should do is to drain the drain of some electric weapons or make physical weapons and heat without energy, every time I find an energy I can only vailar tango, step step footstep, step step footstep, teleport … 0.0) lost .

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its hard to beat heat mechs with our high energy costs when they can over heat us eaisly n beat us with low energy costs and if they took away the energy for physcial mechs then only physcial mechs would win against almost every heat and energy user if u think bout it

Na…not always…This text will be blurred

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what do u think give us your point of view of what u think about this

The current ranking of types (with simular equipment / modules) is …

Energy —> Heat —> Physical

That changes only and for sure with different equipment / modules (special the mythical HP modul).

So, I have no clue, why you want to make Heat weapons weaker :question:

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im not saying making them weaker like making them the same as energy weapons same energy cost to use them plus the battles would be a lil better in my opinion with that but think bout it same energy cost for energy weapons and heat weapons would make them even but for the physcial mechs they can stay the same since a majority of dere weapons dont need energy much

but a very good point indeed besty :slight_smile:

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This game is styled in a way so that there are imbalances, but there isn’t one side being favored or struck down completely. Just max a heat engine and mass cooling module to mythical, and you’ll be fine

If TS were to do such a thing as you asked, heat users would react the same way as you.

I think they would only make changes if there was something completely BS (they nerfed mythicals once)


Another nerf I forgot to mention


very good point dere erik

Well, you are obviously overlooking something here.
Yes, energy weapons need more energy but heat weapons produce more heat in exchange.
For example the ones you mentioned.
Malice Beam (energy version) and Corrupt Light (heat version) at mythical level have the following costs:
Malice Beam (myth): 47 energy + 16 heat
Corrupt Light (myth): 16 energy + 47 heat

They have exactly the same costs already, only that the main cost is distributed to which type they are.

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very good point as well cloud

Changed the stats in the previous post to the mythical costs to fit the opening post better.

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Here’s another good point :smile:


I think they are well balanced, since the overall cost is the same.
Regarding how the actual rock-papper-scissors is in the actual meta.
Energy beats phis(specialy bunker shell,last words builds), heat beats energy(specialy high energy corupt light builds, not to mention the energy free ones, with desolation ),phis beats heat( high heat and cooldown builds, with energy free wepons, since they are also heat free).
Just my humble opinion.

They don’t have the same stats, energy counterpart drain more energy than the amount of heat produced by heat weapons, e.g. compare corrupt light and malice beam, so they are already at an advantage.
And no, the story ‘but regeneration is automated while you lose a turn for cooling’ is just an easy byte since you actually have regeneration at the end of your 2 turns, so if you lose 1 turn for cooling you can likely lose 2 turns since you are not able to manually regenerate energy, without taking into account the extra damage if you are drained.
Kinda clear to me energy already have the upper hand in the fight vs heat mechs; that said don’t take it as a complain, it wanna be just an insight.


I know where kiira is coming from… I am close to him in the rankings also with an energy mech, and there are a lot of heat Mechs around us that are just unbeatable by energy… but as it was said once I can manage to upgrade my heat engines it won’t be as much of a problem, I hope. I went myth with my energy engines and weapons first so trailing behind in heat. I’m sitting at 421 heat and can be shut down in 2 turns by many Mechs.

I use heat weapons myself so I know that heat weapons are disadvantaged to energy weapons.

But what I wrote was the costs to fire them is the same amount: 16+47 = 63 = 47+16.
And that is correct.