A small change to daily bonus

Remember how we get a guaranteed free daily bonus being a myth at the end of the long daily bonus before SM reloaded ? why not have a guaranteed legendary at the end of the daily bonus like the last version ?




If by daily reward you mean the calendar rewards, can they bloody fix it first? I rarely ever get to finish it.

Only got one leg on the very last box a few days ago and never saw the other rewards.

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Daily rewards sometimes sneak into your inventory/gold count without it popping up. :slight_smile:

That’s where all those random unclaimed boxes come from.

Sounds good lets make it happen. +1

I must be unlucky then, never seen it happen (apart from boxes I’veboughts).

But I agree, so +1 to the OP

That’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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make a poll to demonstrate community support


sure is a good thing

sounds good to me +1