A simple move but bring huge advantage for you

When your opponent is only one blast of a weapon away from death , try and switch your badly injured mech into a new mech and finish the enemy with a drone activation + Blast to finish them off , right now they are forced to fight agaisnt you without an additional damage buff from killing your previous badly injured mech , and when the enemy is badly injured and finished your other mech ,if lucky you can even finish him off with the other mech yourself , this little outplay trick really saved me in multiple battles that im not supposed to win and caused alot of painful rage quits


Do they still give bonus to the second mech ? I knew it was that way in 3 v 3 where you would get an incremental bonus so no one wanted lose mech first but is that still in play in 2 v 2 ? Interesting question and answer . It’s a good tactic . I hate giving up and action point ( turn) to switch mechs but it is necessary sometimes . Good tip .

The 5, 10, 15(?) damage bonus, correct?

That no longer applies. It previously read as 0%. Now (for me at least), you can’t read the little “flag” thingy.

(but yeah with the introduction of the arena shop it’s kinda pointless imo).

Is that you in the avatar pic? If so, you should be using heat mechs because, well, you’re hot!

Whatever some of you will say to my comment… I know …LOL

No, sadly not.

That’s the lovely Camila Mendes (from Riverdale, quite the huge fan rn).

Ironically I also run a dmg heater lmao