A simple mech item generator with arena shop bonuses

Also i put in this version arena shop bonuses but Idk which are(how much have every level 1%,3%,5%…) … so i try to guess them
is updated … next version will be release next week



… What? You mean hacks?

no mate just a simple sheet wich allow you to build your mech and see how to make it stronger

Ahh, I checked one of the files there, seems legit, sure no viruses?

yea mate , sure , i have no interes to do something bad

Uhh, I tried to switch the items and stuff, nothing happened.


I clicked NAGA, nothing.

this is BROKEN!!!

i will come with a fix idk why is not working

Although I’d give you a “Trust point”, it DOES have no viruses! Try not to add any though :smiley:

@Robert_Marian It’s working! I think the problem is with their computers ^. Don’t worry too much, this is such a beautiful piece of work! Great job! :heart:

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Well, in his screenshot is Win 10, us are Win 7. Ahh! @Robert_Marian Why not create a Win 7 version?

And I’m a fricken Macbook.

Why don’t we show this to Mohadib or something? It’s a piece of SM art.

Why tf do you think he posted it then??

glad to hear is working I will come with more updates also cyannie wich version of excel u use maybe i can make working to everyone

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I think you should mention the fact that the Arena Shop bonus does not count in this

Hmm… Excel version 16.12 for Winz… How do you check the version?

thanks also good advice for next update

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Oh wait, it DOES work! The stupid Excel just doesn’t let me do stuff with it :frowning: Sorry about that Robert, but do keep updating this! It is amazing!