A Simple Greeting from a Rank 12 Heater

When there’s a place like German, where there’s a slight temptation to roleplay as well as the temptation to lose all sense of humanity that is secretly hidden in the mix… If you have seen how lewd people tend to be in German, that should give you the imagery of what I did when I lost my humanity to the roleplaying ways of German chat.

Also, what’s wrong with the reply function and why am I unable to reply to other people’s comments without it stuffing an indirect message at the bottom of the message list and getting considered as a reply once it ends up like that?

Do you know where I can find the imgur codes for SuperMechs items so I could use it to create a custom variant of a shotgun for a new item idea that I have?

@Whiteout…hello, welcome!

btw…did you hear about Engelbert Endrass?..:slight_smile:

@PFAHLMANN Your trap is well-thought but it lacks enough cover to be inconspicuous

it was not a trap. only a simple question…a yes or no will suffice…

@PFAHLMANN Hmm… If you’re not trying to play tricks on me… Who exactly is Engelbert Endrass if they really aren’t a made-up person used to trick people into falling for a simple joke.

he was a famous u-boat capitain in the 2nd world war…i asked you because i assumed you know well the 2nd ww naval history, based on your statement…
and the other reason is i asked because he was a distant relative of mine…

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Oh, I only know about the histories of certain warships, so I apologize for my lack of decent knowledge. Also, it’s pretty cool to know that you share the same family tree as a famous captain since that’s generally not a common occurrence.

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The only German commander I knew of was Leberecht Maass, a German Rear Admiral that served the German navy for most of World War 1 before dying in a British assault against a German-controlled area that he was staying with the fleet that he was commanding. The reason why I was interested in learning in his backstory was because I took a general liking towards the Z1 Leberecht Maass, a German Destroyer constructed in 1934 during the events of World War 2 and was the flagship of multiple torpedo ship fleets but was sunk due to an accidental case of friendly fire caused by aerial German anti-ship formations and damages received by British naval mines as Z1 was unable to avoid the field due to the anti-ship strike disabling the ship’s steering.


For those who used the two words standing for ‘‘Too Long’’,do you remember me?


c’mon lake…what is this??
what do you mean??..