A Simple Greeting from a Rank 12 Heater

Hello, everyone. My name is Leberecht Maass… Ok, that isn’t my real name whatsoever but it is my SuperMechs name. I’m not exactly what you would call a newbie but I ain’t your everyday rank 10 Zarkares with a vendetta against everyone either (since I’m a rank 15 that can hit rank 12 with max stars, at best). If you’re wondering what my mech looks like, I’ll post an image directly below this that shows my mech and its stats.

But here’s the thing that I enjoy about people when they see my mech: some instantly call me “weak” or “easy” because they assume that I’m a max mythical (like Hell, who challenged me to a private 1v1 and did just that after constantly energy breaking me with two max mythical malice beams). Let me make this clear to those who do have max mythical mechs that think that I have max mythicals or people who think that I’m just some idiot that has a borrowed account and claims to be a 2 year player:

  1. My mech is NOT maxed
  2. I only have 4 mythicals
  3. I have had 6 accounts overall during my time here in SuperMechs:
  • A.T.O.M: Legacy account; put out of its misery caused by the Reload (goodbye, sweet galaxius)
  • Desert Eagle/Avenger/A.T.O.M (remastered): New account; lost in the void
  • Shadeski: The only account that wasn’t mine and was a gift from someone who didn’t want it anymore; no longer existing (Konami might’ve taken it back by now or deleted it)
  • Incineration Order/Whiteout/Leberecht Maass: New account; still existing and going strong (not giving it away, so don’t ask)
  • Impact: New alt account; gone after losing a parley with my account (the legendary avenger shall be remembered for its annoying legendary sacrifice cannon)
  • [PTX-140A]: New new alt account; it has become a Mini-Energy Lebe

Overall, I’m a generally nice person that actually has a heart despite having a mech that looks like it doesn’t. I also enjoy having conversations in the English or German chats of Supermechs as well as enjoying casual private battles… Unless I have a battle against an unsavory player that would rather pick on others than actually enjoy the game or have a conversation with people who enjoy flexing in front of others and will do anything to humiliate those who they consider to be weak noobs.

Also, I tend to do rank 15 arena battles (solos) since I don’t have a good secondary mech and let’s be honest here, when has the ranking system ever been fair? Another reason as to why I do solo battles is because I get to see the type of mechs that newcomers are making and do my best to give them advice. Yet, with good samaritans come terrible people as there have been several [redacted]holes who also battle in rank 15 solos but have been less than merciful…

Anyways, enough about the arena and chat funtimes. I bet you have questions about my mech or about my past experiences, both new and old, in this wonderfully horrific game called SuperMechs. If you do, feel free to leave comments on this topic and I’ll do my best to answer these questions as quickly as possible but I might be busy with the game or just doing something else, so there might be a “slight delay”. That’s all from me for now.

From a fellow rank 12 Zarkares Heater,
Leberecht Maass

P.S: I am still somewhat new to using this forum.

P.P.S: I’ve also tried to change my profile picture using a screenshot of my mech yet it always reset to the default blank image and doesn’t want to change into anything anymore (I am in need of assistance)

P.P.P.S: I’ve tried to change my profile username from Whiteout to Leberecht Maass since my mech isn’t, Well, completely white anymore and since I decided to base its paintjob off of the real life German WW2 Destroyer, the Z1 Leberecht Maass, which received its namesake from a deceased WW1 Rear Admiral that had the same name (without the Z1),

Here’s the image of the Z! paintjob (from World of Warships) that I tried to apply to my Zarkares build (maybe I’ll do the same paintjob with my other builds if I manage to make them without sacrificing them for transform materials).

Yes, I know that my mech’s paintjob barely resembles the one in the image but hey, we’re talking about SuperMechs, after all.


Welcome to the forum! Mech looks great :slight_smile:


Another Long into


Hi btw nice to meet you

Too much reading on an intro…

Anyway, welcome to the forum…

Eh, I just tend to have paranoia about doubts about my legitimacy… So, I went all out with my greeting with my best efforts to prove that I’m not a fake player or just a simple pay-to-win player (which people tend to believe that I am a P2W because I’m rank 15).

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Thank you for the nice welcome.

Im rank 9-8 and im a f2p, you either ask stories about me or @AURAINTEGRA

get better core stats and u can do rank 10 ez

Clever welcoming strategy… The ingenuity behind it is astounding.

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I’m working on doing that and trying to get my damage output/resistance up

i dont reccomend buying paints at rank 12 btw. save and buy offers or prem packs

Honestly, I’m already finished with my paintjob so I don’t have a need for any more paints. As for the premium packs, that might be somewhat of a difficult milestone to reach but I’m up for the challenge

just get a heatbomb and use it in raid for ez 50 tokens every week.

dont use it in pvp though

i heard if you do that you will catch terminal gay

I can’t get heatbomb due to the constant Unreliable Protector drops that keep trying to backstab me yet I still refuse to give in to that drone

lmao just get a heatbomb or ur nub

not hard lmao

hahahahahaah funny

im catching cripling autism from distance learning sorry

By the time I get the heatbomb, my corrupt light might end up growing 5 more lasers

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Alright, I’ll keep that in mind for if I need any advice on how to make a monstrosity that does nothing but drastically increases the heating/cooling bills of its victims.

Most cancer I’ve seen in the game is in German chat.
Anyways, welcome, hope you have a good time!

Trust me, a long time in that place back when I was Avenger has taught me of what that place can do to you if you give in to its temptations. Also, I was an Avenger main (Avenger + Claw + 2 Annihilations + 2 Armor Destroyers + 2 Night Eagles + Tonto) back then, which should obviously show that I was insane back then.