A server with no boosting (Daily Bonus is allowed)


I understand BD need people to boost to keep their servers running. But what if we had 1 server where the only boosting allowed was the Daily Bonus aswell as when the Bonus meter fills up. This will ensure fair competition to all Fellow BD’ers and if we dont like it we can never do it again.
The time for change is now! One server is all i ask!


nah kills the game no income for bd people will want the one server event to be regular and bd will close


Just a 1 time event man, Occurs like once every 3 months. Make it a special event it’ll surely get a ton of people playing


Every 3-6 months or something.


that’s the problem. this has been suggested by every single new player before and was knocked down every time. it will take away income from other servers, and a lot of players that would usually play and boost are instead playing on the event world because of curiosity. That adds up to a whole lot of lost income.depending on the server speed, it could run up to 3 months. thats 3 months of no income.


When i meant 3 months i meant the server event only occurs every 6 months or so. Doesnt last for 3 months. A ton of players a quitting because people are spending 100s of dollars on an era. Theres no way to win. But if a special server event made 1 era no boosting avaliable it’ll bring players back to the game


Sorry to say, this won’t happen. Simply put. It’s been asked many times, however it’s always turned down for the same reason as stated. Although the idea itself is a nice thought, it simply would end up draining the income from BD. Period. People will flock to it, other servers will suffer, and then in the end, people will ALWAYS want another no boosting era (which wouldn’t occur). And people always suggest for a “pay to enter the world” version of this after this is stated. So, the answer to that is also no.

I know it seems like a great idea to even the playing field, but it really will only cause the end of the game you enjoy. If you find someone spending $100 thwarts you from winning, look for some active teammates to help you out. The one player everyone considers the “best” now-a-days doesn’t even boost. It’s just high activity and lots of planning. Activity will always prevail over boosting. It can even prevail over a boosting active player. I cannot state this enough. But the real question comes down to, how much are you willing to commit for that victory.


Id love to see it attempted once ;(


I was having the same opinion as you when I started playing some 4 years back, but now if you ask me my answer is straight no for such an event. I think others have already given appropriate reasons.

Btw there is this meme created by malicewolf regarding the same.
Josh plz show him the meme. :stuck_out_tongue: