A rough formula for judging which torsos are best

I’d like to note first that this is far from a perfect formula, since there are a few intangibles such as your mech type, your weapon load-out and how that factors into getting very close to 1000 weight, etc.

That being said, however, cores are one of the easiest parts to objectively evaluate, so here’s a good way to evaluate their relative strength.

Some precepts:

  1. Almost all good mechs use heat, energy and HP modules. Using different cores allows (or requires) a different ratio of modules. For example, using the Avenger core would require more heat and energy modules and less HP modules to reach a balance. Low health cores would require the opposite. Therefore, we can come up with a somewhat objective formula for optimizing stats.

  2. As far as modules go, the weight-to-stat-boosting ratios (for fully upgraded items) are as follows:
    -HP: 7.9 per unit of weight (315/40)
    -Heat/Energy: 6.2 per unit of weight
    -Regen/Cooling: 4.2 per unit of weight.

In other words, you can get about 1.3 times as much HP for a unit of weight as a unit of heat, and 1.88 times as much HP as cooling or regen. This gives us a rough idea of how much each stat on a core is worth relative to the others. For instance, if one core has 50 more cooling and 50 less HP than another core, the one with the higher cooling is usually better because adding 50 HP through modules requires less weight than adding 50 cooling.

So a rough formula would be as follows:

Core HP + Heat(1.3) + Cooling(1.88) + Energy(1.3) + Regen(1.88) - Excess weight over 300(7.9)

If we plug in Windigo for example we get:
982 + 217(1.3) + 72(1.88) + 301(1.3) + 112 (1.88) = 982 + 282 + 135 + 391 + 211 = 2001 - 45(7.9) = 1645

More or less, the higher the total value, the better the core.

Here are the values of the “best” cores, roughly speaking:

Nightmare: 1688
Grim Reaper: 1682
Naga: 1650
Brutality: 1646
Windigo: 1645

Now, because I’m sure all these arguments will come up, I’ll just address them here to make it easier.

  1. How the weight plays out with your build matters a lot. Nightmare ranks the highest because it has very high stats and low weight, but if you can fit the load-out you want and have some extra weight to spare, that doesn’t do you any good. Therefore, the most important thing is what fits best with your build. Naga might be “better” than Windigo, but if you’ve got 10 weight points to spare it’s definitely not.

  2. If modules change, the stats change. Right now mythical armor plates give more than twice as much as epic ones. If they get nerfed to say, 200 HP, cores with higher HP become much more valuable. On that same note, many players will not have access to mythical items, in which case higher HP is again more useful.

  3. A case could also be made for some mechs to ignore energy completely and use only zero energy weapons. This certainly gives an HP advantage against non-energy mechs, and still does well against energy mechs if HP is high enough. However, Nightmare, Brutality and Windigo would still likely be the best cores in this case because they allow use of another HP module (therefore gaining another 315 HP) rather than a heat module (like a core like Avenger would need).

And yes, there are a few other factors that matter. But generally speaking, these are the best cores right now :slight_smile:


Nice,very nice, it can also be extended to modules and wepons. Altho it sucks the fun factor even more out of the game… except if you like math( and i do) in wich case it comes to just numbers…and luck factor.

This is nice. A great, objective way of assessing the cores/torso.

I agree. If the mech weight is not fully utilized, then the assessment may not be as accurate/correct as it should be.

Thanks guys.

I think it’s a little harder to do with other items because there are more intangible stats. For instance, is 3-6 range "better"than 2-4? How much is negative armor worth? How much is knock-back worth? Even with legs, which are perhaps the most straightforward, how much is 3 walking range worth?

That being said, there are certainly some objective characteristics to be looked at. For example, I think weapons with low (or zero) heat and energy usage are underrated. Generating 20 heat instead of 50, for example, over 3 turns, is like your mech having 90 more total heat.

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With all the talk of mythical vs non-mythical plates, threw together a similar formula assuming access only to 145 HP epic plates.

Interestingly, this basically reverses which of the cores are “best”.

Avenger, for example, goes from being one of the worst cores to being the best, if you assume access to upgraded mythical heat/energy modules but not mythical plates (much harder to find).

For those who want to strike more of a balance (perhaps you’re not sure if you’ll get a mythical plate, or if they’ll be nerfed, or you just want to be strong while you’re getting one) Brutality is probably the best overall core.

And as described in the original post, Grim Reaper and Nightmare are best if you have access to mythical plates.


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Very much the truth! I just assumed that I will never land a legendary HP module, and so I chose the Avenger for my physical mech. Crafting heat/energy modules is easy, so I just prograss with the game much easier on Avenger. Another thing is that HP modules are the heaviest, so if you consider that Interceptor has 860 HP and weighs 309 kg, while Avenger has 1250 HP and weighs 350 kg, the HP and kg span is soo unproportional (41 kg vs. 390 HP). How will you compensate 390 HP? The difference between 2 myth HP plates and 2 epic ones is 300 HP, so if you swap these you are still short of 90 HP… This is why Interceptor is so shit…

interceptor has better cooling, energy cap, and heat cap. So tick for tat… if both use mythical plates… interceptor wins… by a alot.

Nightmare is better than Interceptor unless you really need that extra 6 weight.