A Robin's Nostalgia

I played BD just out of high school, which for me was 2005-2006ish. Ever since I quit, I’ve been visiting the forums every April Fools day, perusing the Spam section I once held dear to my heart and promising to return to BattleDawn. Every. Single. Year.

Although I’m in no position to actually play this time, I’m happy to see that the BD community still thrives, even after all this time. Makes me very happy.

I’ve recreated an old forum game of mine, one that used to dominate the Spam section many years ago: “Who Killed Robin Hood”. I changed the actual gameplay quite a bit, because the old one was basically a re-skinned version of Mafia. This one is unique, and I think you’ll like it. I’ll actually stick around for once, and run the first game. :slight_smile:

I’d like to end this little speech by once again reminding you all: take time out of your day to thank Michael and the staff of BattleDawn for making this game possible. If it wasn’t for their ingenuity, hard work and creativity, there would be no game. For me, that means no fond memories of the Spamalot squad, the forums, the setting an alarm at 2am just to make an attack on time… good times. Thanks Mike.


Hey Robin :slight_smile:

Please do stay around this time :frowning:

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Yo Alex.

I considered it, but even my post in Spam isn’t getting any attention. It seems nobody really thought my game was appealing. The reason I can’t play anything demanding is because I have a kid now, and a second one on the way. As we all know, BD is not really a casuals-only game.

Good to see you still here, though. XD

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I would’ve played. But you’re probably gone now.