A review from an Old dedicated Spender of this game

I think you still do not understand the difference between a private agreement and the General Law.

No private agreement that you has been approved or signed is above the General Law.


still can’t understand how so many people are like obliged to this game; spending 1000s of dollars;spending several hours a day; i just play for fun, just a time pass.
when will this game be upgraded to a 3d game? i guess never. but still people will spent to get a win over the other. may be it is the mental satisfaction of defeating others in a virtual world, that keeps them playing ,spending etc. can anyone find reasons that this game is so addictive to several players

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Sorry but you are not right about this.
Wepa is right about this.

You can not bypass laws by excluding them in agreements !

^^ if that would be possible and correct, the world would be 1000 times worser then it is anyways yet (why it is anyways yet, is a different story :smile: ) !


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Just came across your post, @El_Metre. Are you absolutely sure about this? If you are rigth, this is a scam. But we need to test it. Right now I believe you are wrong. Can you post any pics with stats that can be compared? (So we need an item transformed from epic and legendary into a myth. I can do the comparison, but it will take time. My first Annihilation was from legendary, for sure, the other one is from epic, but it is just level 6-8 myth now, cannot remember. So I still need some time. Does anyone have any other items to compare:
I got for ex: Freshly transformed Naga (legend) out of epic)
Fully fused Interceptor (from legendary).
And fully fused Void (from epic).
Anyone? Can we compare stats?

I have an assumption. Than bigger your level, there’s more chance to get a legendary card.


Hi KiG,
what is your assumption based on? Give numbers, pls…

One thing I can count on is that playing without paying will result in a pile of doo doo.

From 100 boxes on Emperor im get 20 legendarys (79 lvl)
From 100 boxes on Super Mechs (lvl 23) im get less 10 legendarys.

Wasn’t your account banned?
And thay account you made that had all the new myths and shet was yours… the one you give away for free on youtube, how was it made?
And didn’t you say last week you are broke on emperor account and that you have nothing on it anymore… no money, no tokens…
Where the fack did you get the 100 boxes?
And how did you make that lvl 27 account? The one that has all the new myth hp modules and protector, all fully fused?

Thanks, KiG,
but burry in mind, that this might be a chance span, like 10-20%, which is exactly the case if you analyze the numbers you quote. Still, it might be luck, 10 or 20% is not a huge difference…

Very good post :blush:
I have left game completely but reading this post forced me to login and comment and say yes every line of it is true to put short it was a planned trap to put short a big scam cuz if u look it from a prespective of a normal person who only play an hr or so u cant farm that much man.u got a life to live jeez , so only possible way out is buying more tokens; its like the update is designed in this way watever problem we are facing u need to spend to get out of this trap. Moreover lvl up rewards etc there are just too many issues now here 's another catch only possible explaination of so many issues is developers were without any degree cuz any good degree person cant make so many unitentional errors in a single update.
Greetings :slight_smile: