A review from an Old dedicated Spender of this game

I will try to be as square as i can be… it might seem a bit personal.
Take it with a bit of salt.
A short guide for old TOP Players of what the new update is.
I belive it to be a scam(from an old player perspective, that has spent a big amount of time and $$$).
But let us elaborate a bit:

  1. The items you have gathered in the past are now useless.
    Don’t be fooled about what the devs say, that the fully fused myths are worth anything more then a new epic item, just look at their stats:
    Fully fused electro piercing shotgun vs faithfull steel.
    The fact you can use them to boost other items, yes you can BUT, a fully fused legacy myth gives 15750 boost point, a unfused myth gives 15000. So those 600k powerpoint you had in it, the one that cost you 12 50k powerkits(400tokens/piece), now means sheet.
  2. The xp you have gathered in the past:
    Many of US old player had similar lvls of Xp, between 10m-20m.
    Sure we got now a bost of around lvl 105-140, but what does it mean in the new update.
    Absolutly nothing, you get more energy for campaign, around 120-140.
    We didn’t get the rewards that are now given to lvling up, witch are extremely low: 2 tokens, 50k gold, and item boxes(sometimes).
    The item limit stops increasing after lvl 30, so you have the same inventory space, a lvl 30 account has.
  3. The conversion when you start out.
    Sure there was a conversion of you old SM Coins when WE first loged in:
    • Convert SM coins to gold at an exchange rate of 10-1.
    • Buy Premium boxes at the price of 150k
    The average SM coins of the TOP players, the honest ones, was about 100m to 250m. Depending on how much that person grinded, let’s assume 150m as an example.
    So you would divide them at a rate of 2/3 gold, 1/3 boxes, because we also assume that you were smart to do it like that, knowing from rumors that boosting will cost, and that there are ways of getting boxes from the shop/campaing.
    So you have now 10m gold, and 300 boxes.
    Well now the scam really comes to life.
  4. The Premium Boxes:
    Out of 100 Premium boxes you will get 2 epic at worst or 1 epic and 1 legendary, or 2 epics.
    The chance of getting an epic out of the Premium box, is less then 5%. Out of 100 boxes I got 4.
    So you opened the 300 boxes, and let’s assume that you have now 270 new epics, and 30 legendaries(I went with 10%, for the fun of it, but I only got 13 legendaries).

You start to boost, because you want to go to myth with those legendaries.
And now here is the truth that hurts like hell.
5. Boosting cost, and how transformation works.
• To get a Rare to epic cost 10,315 to get it to lvl 20, and another 3 rares(that are sacrificed) and 25,000 gold to transform to Epic. Total cost 35,314 gold.
• To get Epic to Legendary cost 53,900 to get to lvl 30, and another 4 epics(as sacrifice) and 50,000 .Total cost 103,900 gold.
• To get Legendary to Mythical cost 159,180, and another 5 legendaries( as sacrifice) and 100,000 gold. Total cost 259,180.
• To get a Mythical to +50, cost 600,000.

But here is the catch, while some items can go from common all the way to legendary, some can’t, they only go as far as epic(50% of the items), some start as epic and go all the way to mythical(18% of the items), some start as legendary and go to mythical(2%).
The boost from items:

The catch is like this:
The Mythicals that are made from common, are weacker by 10% then the ones that are made from Epics(the stats are weaker, HP, Regeneration, Cooldow, Heat and Energy Cap, damage, drain, overheat etc).
The Mythicals that are made fom Epics, are weacker by 15-20% then the ones that are made from Legendaries(the stats are weaker, HP, Regeneration, Cooldow, Heat and Energy Cap, damage, drain, overheat etc).
Another example of what the true myths are is when you look at modules:
Iron plating max 30 lvl epic, 40kg, 135hp.
Platinum plating max 40 lvl myth, 40kg, 228 hp.
Savior Protector epic 30 lvl, 51kg, 17 res.
Maximum Protector myth lvl 40, 51kg, 39 res.
There are huge gaps between them, that make it unfair in the game.
And let’s not get into the myth mele wepons, Axe, Sword,Flame, death punch that are just crazy.
And these items can only be obtained from premium boxes, with extream luck.
The drop rate on these is less then 3%.

And now for the truth, you only find out this, after you fully fuse the Mythical.
That is the real nice one, you invest close to 1m, in an item only to find out that is weaker then another by up to 30%. Nice one, bravos .
So now you have 3 Mythical types: Type 1<Type 2 < Type 3, with a big gap between them.(that explains why Betsy get’s beaten to a pulp by some).
Let’s sum this up, and dial a bit of extream luck factor in our example.
LUCK factor is that all the legendaries you got are working toghether, they are all heat items, or energy items, or phis items. And out of the legendaries 7 of them are modules. 4 platinum plateing, 1 energy module, 1 heat module, 1 armor module.
More luck, you also got a legendary hook, charge.
That leaves, 1 top wepon, 2 side wepons, torso, and legs,and drone all of these on the same type(heat, electric,phis).
Basicly you have a full set, not just some random sheet.
You have 30 legendries, and half have the potential of being myths(because you can get in premium boxes a lot of legendries that are just legendary form of lower items). So you have 15 legendries that have potential of beein myths(I only got 5).
And you start boosting, using the legacy items as fuel(you got a sheet load of them).

That means:
You make 15 myths at a cost 259,180 a piece. Total 3,887,700.
You still have 6,212,300.
Now to fuse the you get to boosting you and you get 10 fully fused myths, congrats.
You have now a single mech that is competitive.
You still have around 1500-2000 items.
And you are broke.
Well you can farm, and get gold and tokens… well gold only cause you finished the campaign in the former Legacy version.
So you go to the final stage of the campaign, you beat it(at least 1 repair kit is required) because all the weapons there hit around 100-200 dmg, and they get to shoot at you at least once, or twice.
The reward, 3000 xp, and 8-10,000 gold. And you just spent 6-8 minutes. WOW!!!
You farm at least 3 h a day : 23 runs.
You get 207,000 gold/day, and 69,000 xp.
You get 6,210,000 in a month.
Now for the sum of these things, you have 24 days till inventory limit expires, and you will end up in a nice lockdown, cause you wont be able to receive any new items.
But you have around 2000 items, and if you were to boost them… you would need : close to 120-180,000,000 gold(depends on the amount of legacy mythicals you have, mythicals need more money to get rid off).
And to finish your mech as a fully fused mech, that has at least 16 slots, you need another at least 7,317,000 gold
A new mech, also assuming you have the full set as legendries and only have to make some new legendries from epics, cost 21,512,000 gold.
That means sure you can do it… you could roll out a new fully fused mech in about 4-5 months, from now.
What can you do?.
Well in about a year or so, you would be back where you were before the update, without spending money, so yeah F2P players have a chance… slim one of not loosing their mind, since you would spend about 1460 hours in this game(let’s assume you make 2$/h), that is 2920 dollars worth of work.
Or you can pay:
The best deal is tokens to gold.
100dollars get you 6500 tokens,
1000 tokens get you 1,550,000 gold.
So for 100dollars you get 9,800,000 gold.
So you only need 220 dollars to make a fully fused mech.
To get back to where you were the sum is a nifty 440dollars-500dollars,(if you had the start that I mentioned before, and the luck factor I dialed in)
Sounds reasonable.
Having in mind that I personally spent 3600dollars on this game so far, to me it does.(sarcasm)
For the new player, just multiply what I just showed by 2.5-3 times(be it hours or money).

  1. Balancing
    There is no balance in the new sistem, a epic beats the sheet out of a rare, the legendary beats the sheet out of the epic, the myth trashes the legendary to dust, the Type 1 get beaten by type 2, and Type 2 gets roasted by Type 3.
    There are so OP items now, that basically are impossible to beat, by anything else then the same items.

And this is what is all about, there are accounts that didn’t spent sheet, not a dime, not a single dollar, nor did they farm anything in this game.
There were accounts, that in the first day of the update, they got everything!
I see fully fused 3 mechs accounts, with all the right stuff, with all the right things, that were not obtained by neither paying nor intense playing.
This is a well known fact, and has been on this forum, and in the game for the past 6 months., and nothing has been done about it.
So this is what I tell you now, you won’t get a single dime from me, because I find it extremely unfair how this is conducted, the 3600 dollars I have spent, are now worthless, no compensation was done for all the hard work, all the money that it was invested, especially since there are accounts that got them for free, yeah sure you can say, but you had fun with them, you used them in the Legacy, yes I did, yes those money were good investment in the old Version, it gave me a good time, but they are lost now, I would like to still be able to use them, play the old version, enjoy them there, or be properly compensated in this new one, the tokens that were spent, or a proportion of it.
This is a new game altogether, it is not SM, it is another game.
The old players lost everything, basicly they have to start from scratch, either pay, or work their azz off.
Furthermore, before this update, you launched a new mythical module, that was a game changer 65 cooling, the first to have them, like 4-6 pieces of them in the first day of launch, were the ones that have now the fully fused mechs.
Several of us started buying like crazy to get that module, that actually changed the meta, and was OP as fack.
Days before that module became useless, thousand of dollars were spent in search for it for nothing… not how honest things are done.
Solution, sit down with us and talk, compensate the old players for their loyalty and dedication to this game. Give them back the tokens that they spent and now lost with this update, and we will take the road again.
We like chalanges, but you have to consider that if you cut the legs of a greyhound, we wont be able to compete in a race, let alone in it(unless he buys prostetic bionic limbs).
The items we have spent so many dollars or hours of play are now useless, there should be fair compensation on them.
Make things right by US.
Ban the exploiters and cheaters, clean the game up.
Not doing that, well most will leave, because they feel robed, and cheated.
None of the old players will pay anymore, none of the old players are willing to start over.
Once you reached the top, you know the work it was required. Yes you know the path, and how hard it was, not going to take it again, because it is frustrating, and discouraging, especially when you know that some use shortcuts.

Best of luck to you.


tl;dr but i am sure you are right

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Hi all,

First thanks to El Metre, he s explaination is great! By factuals argues he gives the demonstration that its impossible to fuse all our stock of items ( payed, winned for years). I think they don’t have calculated all parameters Till the launch of this update. Tactisoft must give us a global anwer. We are NOW WAITING for days !!!


Important edit!:
I have got carried away with math so i forgot to dial in a little factor named energy.
I’m lvl 110, and have 130 energy(altho i never saw it above 120, it get stuck there).
That gives you only 12 runs till you run out of energy.
So u can only farm like 1.5 h/ day with it.
But let’s split it a bit, you farm 1.5 h/ in the morning, wait for recharge, and farm 1.5h/evening.
So the 23 runs are splited withoin a 12h interval. 12 in the morning, and 11 in the evening.
I think the recharge rate is 1energy/10mins.

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That’s a good point, perhaps energy recharge rate should be increased as you level up?

maybe, but even at 1/5 mins(that means double), it’s still far away from anything feasable.
Are u willing to put in 6h/day? For 400,000 gold? Even if they make it free like in the old days… and you put in 12h/day, that is 800,000 gold.
I do belive that would make the game really unhealthy for the players.Mentaly and phisicaly.
Maybe some are, but i for one am not.

BUT There is another way! To farm… P V P.
You have one decent mech, so you can PvP, the reward is 1700/win, 500/ loss.
Average full fight time is 2 mins(we are excluding seal clubing, and the quits that grant 0 gold).
That sums up to 30 fights /h, we ad in a 80% win rate(average).
16 wins and 4 loses. It sums to a total of 43,800 /h.

And from here you take it and adjust these to your needs of farming and PvP-ing.
I will make a guide to how to fuse and transform, cost efective, and resorces needed.
Also probably about 20 or so new myths.


You could not have expressed all this better, my dear Pasha. You know that even though I left Lyll voluntarily to give up all sense of competition, I’m still there somehow. My heart is Lyll.

You should add that the game is no longer a strategy game, now its ability to play counts very little. It has become a game almost exclusively of force. It’s just about standing in front of the other and starting to shoot. The one with the strongest mech, wins.

In tune with the times, intelligence here is no longer an important tool, it only matters how much money you have been able to spend to build a better equipped mech. That’s it. If you can invest thousands $, you will be in the top a lot of time. It´s incredible that even among the older players, those who have been terribly damaged by this “update”, there are people who are already buying again.

If someone serves my experience, take it or leave it. In the past I was a person who invested so much in this game. The reasons should be analyzed by a psychiatrist (or at best a psychologist). I don´t feel ready at this moment to abandon the game definitively, not for the game itself, which is crap. I cannot let go of people.

After all this, which I consider a scam (I can not find another sweet word to define it), I have decided that I don´t want to put 1 more penny more in SM. So I am out of competition, I will not be a top player, I will not win any more medals, I will not be in a top clan again. But that’s good, I feel free. No take care I don´t watch who is connected ( like my cat, if a stronger opponent appears, he leave and not fight), I don´t notice if my skull is black or silver or if I am in the 500 or in the 7000 of the ranking. It is total freedom! And most importantly, I didn´t have to leave the game and I’m still linked in some way to my friends.



You will forever be my Little Black Killer Panther.
These review and guide that i do, is to give to other the information that has cost me alot of money.
I no longer care for medals and ranking, until things are done right by us(the old that have taken the biggest hit).
Until proper compensation shall be given for the ones that have really suported the game, i see no dime leaving my wallet again to SM.
This is my way of trying to solve things.

I no longer fight in PvP since it gives very little, and i hate seal clubing.Only the 5 wins i need per mission.
In my heart i will always be a warrior!

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Energy and Cooldown rate should increase as you level up a torso. 1 or 2 use weapons that deal energy/heat damage are really overpowered. A single Energy Death Punch has enough burst damage to deal 700+ damage in one shot if you are drained. For a heat mech it does up to 150+ heat damage and can easily heat-lock you in one turn. These new heat/energy mythicals are overpowered. Far from being balanced.

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it’s rubbish everything went to waste years, time and money, I will not say anything else because I want to hit someone in the face

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The SM that you knew has been closed, it does not exist anymore. This is another different game, with the same name. More than 80% of the tools and rules of the game changed, that makes it a different game.

You should look for records of closed games, to see if they have compensated the players in some way and how long the term is extended, because obviously you can not claim for what was acquired 4 years ago. Anyway, I think that there is the trap, not to compensate anyone, Tacticsoft is making the fiction that it is only an “update.” It’s a legal trap.

Now I am looking for if there is any agency where you can report this type of abuse in online games. It would be a first step.

Hitting someone in the face is useless. And you can get worse than before. There are new laws that protect the rights of consumers on the internet. Look for that side.

Facebook legal battles have been won! You think you could not beat Tacticsoft ??

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You keep saying how this update is literally illegal without providing any reasoning why it is.


You can read the Terms of Service that you agreed to. An update changing the game up isn’t illegal and you spending money before is on you. You can put time into a game you already have and get upgrades and coins or keep complaining about bs on the forums. You decide. I don’t work for tacticsoft or have anything to do with the mods btw, just saying what I think like you do.

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Another important point left out is the old items were not changed in any way to be useful. The weight of the old weapons modules etc opposed to the new ones makes the old weapons garbage. I am currently using an old cool down module that weighs three times as much as a new one. After I fuse transform the new one to its max it gives me one more point of cooling than the old mythical one. Good post el meathead : ) We are friends this should not be considered slander or toxic…


First of all I am not saying that the update is illegal.

What I am saying is that some aspects of the update are not in line with current legislation in the EU and USA on the protection of consumer rights on the internet.

Second, you confuse Terms of Service with legal standard. The Terms of Service means that you should observe certain behavior if you wish to make use of a specific site on the internet. It is a private agreement, but no private agreement can nullify the effects of a Law. Laws that protect consumers are inalienable, you can not relinquish your rights voluntarily.

Therefore, if you file a class action lawsuit, for example, you will be banned from the game. But that does not stop you from going ahead with the lawsuit, because it is a Right that the Consumer Law grants you.

@Carter stop looking for fights.
You always show up and take the thread out of the topic.
I really want to make threads that can help others, guide them and inform them.
Not to start rants, or fights.
If you can add something to the guide/review it is welcomed.
If not? Jump… jump… jump… greebeeet!

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"11.16 Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel, including its regulation regarding conflict of laws.

11.17 No Class Action: You undertake not to initiate any class action, for any reason, against Tacticsoft and to claim Your damages only according to this agreement."

Also I don’t see what even IS illegal. YOUR stuff still exists that YOU bought with YOUR own money, I do think tacticsoft should compensate more to players who put a lot of time in, but threatening taking legal action is different :\

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You are right.It was barely touched, the old vs new.
I’m gonna add that one next, toghwther with how to use the old, eficiently as fuel.
But the main thing is that they cant hold their own even against epic new counterparts.
Miss you flappyV

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Oh it’s el metre

I actually liked your guide earlier, even if you can’t read it well due to the format.

I haven’t played the new update for long but I’ll tell you all right now something that you gotta do, and that’s grind for coins. Fusion is expensive and until they nerf it (if they even do) you need a lot to max out your mech.

Keep up the frog jokes <3

There is calculations on how much you have to grind, in hours and income.
Read the guide.
Then jump… like Trump.
Will post a guide to fussion and transform.
And stats and pics of them… I’ll let them uncolored so you can take it as homework… and color between the lines