A 'resistance' torso

Remember in the old version there’s a Diamond Shell torso with low hp but high resistance?

How about a torso like that in the current version. A torso with High resistance and mediocre hp.

Idk about you, but I would use it. I love the art of damage reduction.


someone posted some stat ideas… lemme see if i can find them

I’m waiting that torso since the new update came out

How about around 600-700 max HP but 50 of each resistance?

here it is:

699 hp
339 energy cap
121 energy Regen
349 heat cap
131 heat cooling
22 electrical resistance
38 physical resistance
38 explosive resistance
340 weight

The heat and energy cap seems too op.

Why would you want to make resist carriers more cancerous? this would literally give any mech that uses it. 100+ resist on almost all types. And it’s stats are way too high. Low HP but still it stats can make up for it.

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i just said someone made that, that wast my idea
read before you reply

A single mythical resistance module give 59 protection.
This will probably never happen, but if it does I say the torso has 25 resistance of all types.

59 resistance + 25 resistance = 84 resistance

That’s not too bad, right? Zark has 25 heat resistance soooo…

now with the boost… :ok_hand:

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Resistance is locked on -99 and +99 i think

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Zark has 24 without boosts.

And 24 + 59 + 20% literally equals 100 resist (heat but yea).

Still pretty stupid high, and there are people that pack all three types of single resist on a single mech. Giving them (with maxed arena res boosts) 90-100-90 res. If using a zark torso. Obviously if using say windigo, grim, naga, etc (any torso with the standard 16/22/22) it’ll equal around 90/98/98 res. (had to do the math).


But that’s why it has low hp. To encourage players to equip plates or they die.

Yes,they equip all three individual resistance on their mech, but that would mean they have poor core stats, yes?

EDIT: I forgot the Claw exists. So this idea may not work after all.

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Yep, claw would just add on more HP giving them more an advantage. That and plat plates/max protector can fit due to not needing so many modules. (Literally those regen/cd and cap stats are stupidly OP).


lol this new torso plus claw plus the myth protection is basically sudden death for whoever encounters them


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what this should have is maybe even lower hp or lower mod stats (almost lower than archimond’s maybe)

Maybe around just 500 hp? The Diamond Shell used to have just around 100 hp I think. But that was only because the values in the old version was lower.

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Scratch this idea. It won’t work. Not in the current game state atleast. It was worth a try though.

But if the devs suddenly decide to add this kind of torso Idk I guess lol.

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