A request from Comrade Yeet


I was wondering if any sprite makers who see this wanna make a weapon that somehow has correlation with my forum avatar…I dont wanna tag anybody in case this annoys them but if a sprite maker see’s this and decides to make it I would very much love it. Dont really know why I want this, I just do.

Also this is in the spam category cause I’m so scared of getting a week ban Im being extra careful lol.


Hehehe What a fun challenge.

I’ll do it when I get the time so don’t expect one in a few weeks coz I am overloaed with due tests…


Orang torso would look great


You jealous of Fluxeon? Killin made a torso for Fluxeon to thank for for all the support. You should also support. :confused:


This was in my suggested topic…


I once was professor


a potato torso…


Looks like I didn’t do this after all