A raised chance on Legendary cards in Boxes Event?

So, Here’s a thought, If this has already been added in then forgive my idiocracy, if it hasn’t then how about a Event that increases the chance for legends in the boxes? It doesn’t discount them but just adds higher chance on legends, This could possibly affect Silver to giving them the most TINIEST of chances to get a Legend also making getting an Epic much more common than usual so how about it?

  • Yes
  • Yesn’t

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I likes it! But the event must increase like the price of the regular mix box?
Like from 6,500 to 8,000?

Hmmm… Yeah That would be fair especially since with that tiny chance of legend

Or this :

0% Commons
65% Rares
30% Epics
5% Legends?

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Make the legends to 2% and epics 35% maybe?

This then :

0% Commons
67% Rares
30% Epics
3% Legends?

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Then the chances of legends for Premium boxes and packs are :

50% Epics
50% Legendaries (This is actually real)

Then the price for 1 mix box is 8,000 and 5 mix pack is 40,000. Premium Boxes 80 tokens and Premium packs are 340 tokens.

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Its already like this for portals.