A quiz inside of sm

quiz in sm the more you get correct the more better the items will be it will consist of 10 questions
its about things in sm
it will be in the main menu screen in sm where you can pick to go to the campagin the arena etc

it will be apart of the daily thing to

also you will only be able to do it once

1-3 questions correct 3,000 coins
4-7 questions correct 8,000
8-9 questions correct 10 fuel
10 questions correct 10 tokens maybe 20 i have not desided

  • 10 tokens
  • 20 tokens
  • 30 tokens

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  • yes
  • no
  • great ready to be put in sm
  • still needs fixes but good idea
  • just needs little tweaks but good idea

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No. It’s a game consisting of Mechs and battles. Not quiz and answers

This is more of a forum based idea


i guess i just came up with it for when people run out of fuel in the campagin

If you run out of fuel. You go outside and play.

Or if your older like me, then you do other useful things

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what if i ran out of foil to make rockets because thats what i do

i am technically on vacation all ready so i can not :disappointed_relieved:

Or rather to be at my Q&A?
Riddles are allowed.

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That’s not needed, don’t fit in the game and wouldn’t even work.

The community would just share all the answers and get free stuff.