A question for you, guys

Now we know that that box nerf was a bug. So, I’m asking a question…

  • I thought it was a bug, but I said it a real box nerf because everyone else did.
  • I thought it was a bug, and I didn’t hide my opinion.
  • I thought it was a real box nerf.
  • I didn’t even care.

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The poll is anonymus.


I don’t believe it was a bug…

They must have undo-d the Nerf afterwards because of all the hate comments

maybe this is the beginning of a revolution


I think it was a developer protest…the plan was to nerf all the boxes by a wee amount and the guy doing it said screw this and added a few extra zeros to the Math.

Or it could be he/she was just lazy and did not check their work…so like a accidental OVER nerf?

Or i am over thinking things and it was an intentional nerf they pulled cause somebody threatened to report them to Apple

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I thought it was a bug, but i said it was a real nerf, NOT because everyone else did, but because bugs like that shouldn’t happen. Most probably a mistake than a bug, i think, but we can’t assume anything.

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