A question for everyone


Question: What do you people think if the “Base” feature would now be implemented for all accounts how would it affect the game? For more info, check out this topic: Base feature on Browser version?

Note: You will no longer be able to buy Silver Boxes. But you will be able to buy Premium Boxes and Packs and you you daily boxes.


Either this thing is worse or good.
I’ll shall see about that thing.


I’ll give my full opinion once I’ve tried it out some more. But, from a new account stand point it seems like a feature that slows the early game down a bit for new players. Relies on heavier campaign grinding to get your starting items upgraded while you invest time and gold into getting your Base up and running.


what is this u are telling @Skiller-Legendary??


It would slow me down af, i buy silvers A LOT


me too :wink: @W.P.O.T.W


Base feature on Browser version?


But…Do you get more items than using normal boxes or less?


The answer would depend on your gold reserves. A “rich” player can crank out Silver boxes en masse. Thus negating even a full grids worth of item factories. Not factoring in the cost of upgrading the factories themselves and then paying for each individual crafting item you do per factory. As I am testing this out on both a new and f2p account, I don’t have the gold currently to tell you the maximum amount of items you can queue up and pay for in advance (I only reached 96 items on a single Item Factory with a wait time of 1d 23h (400 Token skip cost) and 339k~ Gold cost) So there is potential to have as many Item Factories as allowable each with a hefty amount of cards in their queue.